When life gives you a chance to get on a trip to live your dreams, grab it with both hands that's what Medha does. She gets the offer from her husband for Europe trip, and after taking some thoughts, she accepts that. She loves to love her DDLJ dreams, but the only threat in her mind was their infant kid. However her dream wins, and they fly to Europe for two weeks long trip.

Medha chooses the locations, and her husband booked all flights and hotels for those locations. Medha includes all types of flavors for this trip while selecting locations-The heaven of the earth (Zurich), the city of Romance ( Paris) , Island with white beaches (Ibiza) , The city with beach and heritage culture ( Barcelona) and the city with artistic heritage, museums and canals ( Amsterdam).

They enjoy Lake Cruise tour, Canal boating tour, Visit old architecture places, the world famous Eiffel Tower, beaches, shopping areas, the different type of museums and many world heritage sites. Enjoy food of different cuisines. Best hotels and some typical European rooms. Different weather at all places and they enjoy every bit of trip. Meet some awesome people and one of them become a friend for life. They also become part of the independence of catalonia in Spain.

This was the perfect trip with all flavors with so many memories.


I love reading travel books as reading travel books helps us learn about the destinations we are visiting. Recently I finished reading this book Live, Laugh and Travel Europe by Rohit Gupta. It's a quick, light read beautifully written book about Author's trip to Europe with his family. The way he describes the scenery, the interesting interactions with people, and his experience is endlessly enthralling. What I especially love about this book is that through all his travel adventures, he shares helpful tips to travel with kid. Because when we travel with kids, we need to plan everything according to them so I can personally relate to that. His book contains valuable insights, interesting incidences and a lot of practical information. I also loved some of the beautifully clicked pictures Author has shared in this book.Through his writing, Author Rohit has beautifully captured the beauty of Zurich, Paris, Ibiza, Barcelona and Amsterdam in this book. His journey makes for an amazing and lighthearted read. It was the best travelogue that has inspired me to visit a lot of places he did in the book. The writing style of the Author is impressive. The cover of the book is designed well.

If you're planning to visit Europe, or if you just love reading travel tales then I would recommend this book to you all. The more you know about the place, the more you understand a place, so this book will definitely give you serious wanderlust.


Rohit Gupta is an ex-banker settled in New Delhi. He lives with his wife and baby boy. He runs a company which works on financial services and investments. He travels abroad frequently because of his nature of work and loves exploring the international market. Mostly, he travels with his family whether the trip is a business purpose or a vacation. This is his first book, and it talks about his trip to Europe.


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