We have read stories of Love-Marriages, Arrange-Marriages and Love-cum-Arrange Marriages. This is a heart-warming story of an Arrange-cum-Love Marriage of a 24-year-old boy Advik and 22-year-old girl Nandini. Too busy in enjoying their life and too young to think about marriage. How did their thoughts change about marriage in just 2 days after they met? Perfect first Arranged-Date, Perfect courtship period, Perfect bonding and Perfect togetherness before and after marriage. Then what caused her to be despondent and depressed after marriage?
This is the story about how Advik changed her perspectives, helped her resolve her issues and strengthened the bond of love and attachment.
Women say Men change after Marriage, here a wife is happily saying she changed herself for her husband. What made her believe totally in him and have blind faith on him?
Their issues are not just their’s. They are faced by many girls after marriage, in our society.
How can every Advik and every Nandini make a difference in their life and bring about a Change in Society. Let’s uncover their enchanting love story.


"This generation's girls are more heart-broken as they are well-educated and independent. Education in the first twenty-five years of their life teaches them about how to progress, how to be confident, independent and smart in everything they do, how to take charge of their self-respect, how to walk shoulder to shoulder with men and make their own place. But after marriage, rest of their life expects them to unlearn all these things. They are struck in a dilemma. "

This is a beautiful love story of Nandini and Advik and its talks about how Nandini found the good husband in the man she married. Nandini and Advik were leading a happy life and were working hard to create a much better life for them. When Nandini enters her new home and meets her in-laws, she is not able to understand their unpleasant treatment towards her. She is loaded with burden of wrong expectations and these people din't weigh those expectations before putting them on Nandini, who herself was starting to deal, understand and accept new phase in her new strange world. New world of extreme changes, people's shocking behaviour and loads of responsibilities. 

There is a strong message for all in this book. This book is about our society, which defines all sorts of restrictions for daughter-in-laws and illogical rules for them. This book covers everything from how on every step, new brides are made to feel unimportant and their logical responses are treated like big mistakes. The book highlights how our society gives importance to sons only. 

This book also explained how a good and understanding husband can provide support to a wife when things get hard. The book by Author Nandita proves how love, respect and understanding are strong pillars of a happy marriage and how "Happily Ever After" union requires efforts from both partners. Everybody knows that a good relationship centers on communication, but in this book Advik does a great job about focusing on ways that the man can 'connect' more effectively with the woman. Some great examples about a lot of great topics are discussed in this book.  The author also talks about connecting with your in-laws. A very worthwhile read and arguably the best book on relationships I have read this year.

I am glad somebody tried to write a book on this important topic from which many people will learn valuable lessons for life. If people can see their fault and realize them by bringing some changes in their mindset, then the purpose of the book will be fulfilled.

I am really impressed by the writing style of the author. The cover image is beautiful. This book will appeal to the countless women who feel that they too have faced similar problems after marriage.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Specially to all the husbands out there.


Nandita was born and brought up in Gujarat, India in a family of a Government official. She is an Electronics & Communication Engineer and Master of Business Administration by Education.
She is a Data Scientist by profession, passionately pursuing her career in Artificial Intelligence. She earned the title of ‘Winner of Best Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligent Solution’ by Dubai Government organization. She likes to continuously upgrade her skill set and explore new exciting ventures in her life.
She currently lives in Dubai with her loving family, who is her biggest support system, motivation and strength. Her day never completes without exercise, yoga, music and spending quality time with her family. She is passionate about exploring new places and world cultures with her family and friends.
Women Empowerment is very close to her heart. She stepped into writing to pour out her innermost feelings, touch lives, hold hand in hands and collaborate to make this a better place.


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