Innocent thoughts started in the year 2009. It's a collection of poems, stories, experiences, and much more. Some pieces sound like being written by a little girl and yes they very much are, as back when I started to write these pieces in my journal I had just begun middle school. It all started when there was a writing event in the 5th grade and our class teacher late Miss Udita had given an exciting introduction. There were 2 portions of the event one was to write a poem starting with "I wish..." and the second was a story "It was a night filled with chilled darkness...". I bagged the third position for my story and got a round of appreciation for my poem as well. I kept writing after that as regular as possible while it made me grow fonder to the life I was living in and also a way to question my actions when I penned it down. It has helped me grow in phases and still aids me to give a soothing touch for my readers in the words where I express that we all are drifting in the same boat called life. 


A friend of mine suggested the book "Innocent Thoughts: A Book of Experiences & Poetry," and it took me literally three days to finish reading it. Trust me, this book by Pratiksha Misra is more like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved friend over a cup of tea or coffee.

I kept flipping through this book's pages and was transported back to my middle school days. Mishra's journey starts right there, in the halls of adolescence. Here, she first put her toes into what they call the magical world of writing. 

In the book, she shares emotions that feel raw along with innocent musings. Furthermore, in this book, she dives into the beautiful and messy chaos of life in depth. She navigates from the lows and highs of love. 

She brings about lessons on how to self-discover after a loss.  With utmost honesty, she puts it all bare which further makes the book relevant. You'll see yourself nodding agreeing to her, thinking, "Yeah, I've been through the situation too."

When it comes to her poetry, every sentence she writes feels like a brushstroke that paints visuals of sorrow, joy, and more. It feels melodious. I found (while I was reading it) myself going through a whirlwind of emotions. I laughed many times going back in time in my memories and experienced déjà vu too.

Moreover, the book "Innocent Thoughts" is filled with authenticity and warmth that gives you a reassurance that you are loved and aren't alone. Life happens and it happens to all of us, and we all go through a plethora of emotions and this journey continues to do so along the way.

So without waiting, grab the book "Innocent Thoughts," and read it, and if you find yourself going through the same emotions, gift or recommend one to a loved one too. It's a promise that you won't regret it.



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