Amongst the Believers, another master piece from the Best-selling and Award -winning author of “Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar” and “Faith and the Beloved.” The novel is a saga of love, set in the back drop of war-torn Afghanistan and Ukraine. Nanda is an accused in a murder case and the lives of his dear ones are in danger. He is given an option to join RAW on a mysterious mission, and penetrate the elite society of Pakistan. A choice that forces him to create a family only to destroy it. Khusru is a terrorist who has fallen out with his handlers, the ISI, and is on the run. Caught in the vicious gang wars of Karachi, he is to escort the warlord’s daughter Miriam, to Bosnia. A journey that takes him to Iran, Armenia and to the prisons of Russia. Rekha has choreographed her life in the captivity of a terrorist as a dance drama. Even after marriage and two children, her obsession with Khusru knows no bounds. She is kidnapped and ends up as a sex slave to the teenage terrorists in war-torn Afghanistan. A ruse that lead America to invade Iraq and a mysterious video of an Army officer directing the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks that could change the course of history, is being chased by the ISI, Mossad, CIA , Russians and the RAW. The lives of Nanda, Khusru and Rekha are entangled in this international web of espionage. A journey through the unknown, a saga of love, espionage and suspense that will keep you riveted.


            "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoings and rightdoings, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

After reading Author Kochery C Shibu's previous works- "Men and Dhauladhar" and "Faith and the Beloved" I decided to read Amongst the believers and I would say that Author Kochery C Shibu is a master storyteller. The story delves into the world of espionage, terrorism and intrigue. The story takes place against the the backdrop of war-torn Afghanistan, Ukraine, Pakistan. The story revolves around Nanda, Khusru, Dr. Rekha and Miriam. The lives of all these characters are interwined. Nanda is an accused in murder case but then he is given a choice to change the course of his life by joining forces with RAW to carry out a mysterious operation to penetrate the elite society of Pakistan. Khusru is a terrorist who is on the run following a disagreement with his ISI superiors. Taken prisoner in the bloody gang wars of Karachi, his mission is to travel with the warlord's daughter, Miriam, to Bosnia, a journey that makes stops in Armenia, Iran, and prisons in Russia.

Rekha who is a doctor and a kathak dancer, was held captive by Khusru during the Amarnath raids. She fell in love with him. Rekha has created a dance drama based on her experience as a terrorist's prisoner. Her fascination with Khusru never goes away and she decides to portray all her experiences of being kidnapped and of being transported to Afghanistan among terrorist and experiences of a woman in captivity of a terrorist, through her Dance Drama Choreography. The novel is titled after the choreography that Rekha had crafted ' Amongst the believers'. 

Amongst the believers is a well-crafted thriller with engrossing and intense writing.  The plot was engaging and intriguing. It's a fast-paced thriller which kept me hooked till the last page.



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