Hi everyone,

            My mind thirsts for Your Vision; in peaceful ease and bliss, I dwell in detachment.

This post is very special to me as I am sharing about my first visit to my favourite place in the world- Darbar Sahib in Amritsar, which is also known as Harmandir Sahib (meaning abode of the Lord) or Golden Temple. The Amritsar city was founded by Fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ramdas ji.

It was about 2 years ago, on 7th February 2022 when I first visited this incredible sacred place. The moment I entered there, I felt I have reached the place I always wanted to, the place I was meant to. I felt home in this place, like I belonged there. The first view of this place left me speechless. It was an indescribable and unforgettable experience. The atmosphere there was calming, filled with positive vibes and peace.



I also went to Langar hall- a community kitchen where hundreds of men, women and children were doing sewa of cooking and cleaning utencils with so much love. It is the largest community kitchen in the world which serves food to around 1,00,000 people per day. The concept of Langar brings people together regardless of their caste or background. I could learn so much from this place, from the people there about equality, acceptance, humility, kindness and selfless service.

I dint want to leave this place ever and all I remember is that I was a changed person after this blessed visit. I felt at peace with myself and I was filled with so many sweet emotions of devotion for Guru Ramdasji. I started searching to know more about sikh gurus and I was so inspired after reading about their teachings and also about their sacrifices for humanity. I was curious to know more on how to attain love and blessings of Waheguruji. And then I found my spiritual companion- Gurbani - the shabad of God. I realised that I wasted so many years wandering around without reciting the name of God. I felt so blessed visiting this sanctuary of God. I will share more about my inner journey in next blogposts.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that your head is covered and shoes must be left outside in shoe stand before entering Darbar Sahib. 


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