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We all love freedom more than anything in this world because we want to do things we love,we want to wear stuff we like and love to live the way we feel right.And fashion is also a freedom which sets me free and allows me to be me.

In this post,I am going to express my free spirited self through fashion.I am going to show you a look that speaks volume about who I am really is. I love to wear what suits my style and clothes that makes me feel comfortable. Our clothes speaks how confident we are and also about our taste.

I love following latest fashion trends but I choose clothes wisely.I can't wear anything or everything which is in vogue but it I wear attire which looks good on my personality.I use fashion to express my personal style and communicate who I am to the world.

When we find clothing that fits us, flatters us and looks great on us,it changes the way we feel.I love ethnic attire as much as I love the modern western stuff.But I style myself according to the environment because I beleive fashion should be in accordance with our environment.The right clothing can boost our self-confidence .I always like to dress in colors which make me feel good and are good against my skin and hair color.I like fabrics which are gentle to my skin .

Here I have created a look in my favourite color red and orange and in my favourite fabric .This color and this light fabric makes me feel like a princess. I can carry this look confidently without being uncomfortable on any occasion.I am an Indian girl and love to wear ethnic attire whenever I get chance.I love partying with friends in dresses,hanging out with friends with movies in my denims and tees but this look is my favourite ones which expresses me and my real life! Jabong caters to our fashion needs and help us to #weartoexpress

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Vandana :)


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