REVIEW~Naturell India Ritebite Max Protein Bar

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For the first time on my blog I will be talking about Protein bars. I have never tried any protein bar and recently Naturell India contacted me to try RiteBite Max Protein Bars and review them on  my blog. It took me a day to decide whether to try them or not as I had no knowledge whether these protein bars are healthy or not. I visited their website to get more information about their products before I agreed for trying them. All my doubts were cleared and I decided to try them !

About Naturell India~

Naturell(India) Pvt. Ltd. is a visionary healthy lifestyles company and it provides the finest products that helps consumers to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

They offers good range of nutritious and natural products of high quality ,that too with great taste.
I received these three exciting flavours of Max Protein Bars~

1.Choco fudge
2.Choco Slim
3.Honey Lemon

My daily routine includes early morning walk and running on treadmill. After my workout, I feel hungry and then I thought of eating the Choco Fudge protein bar. After having this bar I could satisfy my hunger.It was not too soft but was utterly delicious. Good nutrition never tasted this great!

Next day  I tried the second flavour ~Honey Lemon and found it good for protein boost. I did not like it's taste much but it's a quick and easy breakfast.We can eat it like a snack or dinner too.
Then the third flavor Choco Slim was loved by me and my sister.I would say its a good and healthy choice to compliment our active lifestyle.

Now we have a perfect option and we can satisfy our hunger in a better way with these nutrient packed protein bars. It is also best for the times when we need readily available source of energy instantly.

About Rite Bite Protein bars~

RiteBite Protein bars are formulated by nutrition expert to give an edge to perform our best . Protein also helps rebuild muscles tissues that are stressed during the intense workout.

These bars are available at online stores like Amazon and you can buy them at stores too.

Have you ever tried RiteBite Protein bars?Let me know your views

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Sudhendu said…
I know it's pretty late, but I have started with Ritebite and I'm so happy with the results and taste. I do long distance running and this works like a awesome snacks for me.

Thank you for the blog.!

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