Restaurant Review~Jaigarh Restaurant,JAIPUR {Jaipur Diaries}

Hi friends!
This is the fourth part of Jaipur Diaries and I am gonna review Jaigarh Restaurant which is near Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur!

After visiting Jaigarh Fort,we went to Jaigarh Restaurant for having some snacks.It was raining and we loved having pakoras with chai in the awesome weather.

DECOR~The walls of restaurant are beautifully decorated with wall paintings and the open windows is what I loved about this restaurant,the view outside is beautiful.We can feel the fresh air coming inside from these windows.The wooden furniture,big tables and lots of chairs allows many foodies to sit comfortably and enjoy the meal.

AMBIENCE~The ambience is cool and we loved having our meal at this calm and spacious restaurant!

We ordered the chai ,not just one but two for all.Then I ordered paneer paranthas because I feel hungry all the time and I wanted to full my tummy so that I dont feel hungry for next couple of hours.We also ordered paneer pakodas and veg pakodas.My family also tried sandwich,lassi and shikanji.The paneer paranthas were so yummy and we kept ordering one after other because I said that we all must try those delicious paranthas served with pickle. Paneer pakodas were made to the perfect and we couldn't stop ordering more and more after every plate.My brother loved the lassi too.The snacks were best.

Service was good too but they took little time in preparing the dishes so you must give your order at once.

I would recommend you all that if you visit that city then you must try the snacks at this restaurant for sure and you will love them.


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