The best and the worst thing about destiny, is uncertainty.

These never before told stories of lovers and their unrequited love sprout the Godliness of emotions, with a bitter side of the pills of struggle and longing for the loved one.

Stories of your regular, next-door, everyday lovers—everyday heroes—no fanfare, no thrills. Just pure, unadulterated emotions from the hearts of people who knew these great souls. Shared over endless cups of elaichi–adrak ki chai with the author, these precious stories hold the power to warm a heart even in the harshest chills of the mountains.

Take this journey into a world of dreams, butterflies, and flowers—and ride the rainbow of life

I have read 4 books by Author Khushwant Singh and this is my 5th book by this Author. In this book 'Untold Love  Stories from India' Author has shared 13 different short stories from different parts of India. All these stories are unique and never heard before and that's why Author rightly named this book as Untold Love Stories from India.

In this book, there are heart wrenching stories of people who lost their lives for their true love. Who found love in the times when people were against inter religion marriage and were killed mercilessly for loving someone from other religion. In these love stories, people did not care about the social status of the person, the only thing that mattered to them was their feeling of love. They loved each other with all their heart that no boundary of religion, caste or class could keep them apart.

I absolutely enjoyed reading every story as in each story Author shares a unique love story which I don't think can be seen or heard in recent times. Lovers are selfless in these stories and all they long for is love and togetherness of their beloved. Stories of pure love and their feelings are very well expressed by the Author . After the end of some stories, I felt like crying for these lovers and I also felt angry for the people who were against love. At the same time, I felt admiration for the great lovers of those times who supported each other when they needed each other the most. One of my favourite stories from this book is of Sapna and Mukesh. I absolutely loved the character of Dr Mukesh.

I liked the book cover, the title is apt. I really liked the writing style of the Author. The book is perfect for a quick read and I am sure every reader will love reading them.

I would like to give 5/5 Stars.


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