BATMAN'S GUIDE TO LIFE: Breaking Myths Since 1994 by Chetan Soni

TITLE: Batman's Guide To Life
AUTHOR: Chetan Soni
PUBLISHER: Half Baked Beans
FORMAT: E-book

I have spent 14 years meditating, levitating and constipating. During this time, I happened to cross a tunnel and kept on thinking while crawling my way out that “will there be light at the end of the tunnel?” Indeed there was.

As I came out and dropped on my knees with my hands raised in air I heard a whisper, “What do you seek?” and the first words which came out of my mouth were “Sarcasm O’ Dear Lord.”


'Batman's Guide to Life' by Chetan Soni is an e-book in which Author shares his observations about people he experienced in life. He shares these observations through some amazing quotes and one liners. These quotes talks about everything including the trend of social media, friendships, marriages, and overall reality of life because I can see that Author wants to be in touch with reality all the time and wants to aware other people too about the reality. In this book Author Chetan Soni has tried to break the false beliefs that people follow blindly. His views about life through these one liners will motivate you, uplift your mood, will make you laugh and some of them will make you pause and make you think about your life and your beliefs. I completely agree with Author when he says that the observations we make can be applied in leading a sorted and cool life!

After enjoying reading these wonderful quotes I got to read the beautiful love story of Kabir and Sonia. Kabir seems to be a mature and a wise and his friend Sonia also loved to be around him. But he struggle with his thoughts to confess his feelings to Sonia. I liked their simple yet romantic walk to home. Sonia goes to US for her studies and then their chats, video calls over Skype kept their relationship going. What I loved the most about this cute story is how they go on movie date and a breakfast date over skype and this makes Kabir, really creative and romantic. I also loved how Kabir respected the choices made by Sonia and always gives her space. This was the beauty of their relationship. After few months this long- distance relationship creates some insecurities for Kabir. What I did not like about this story is Kabir without any reasons feels inferior in a relationship and less than her. Will he be able to overcome these insecurities? How he will deal with his thoughts? Also why he named this book ~ Breaking Myths Since 1994? To know all this you'll have to grab this book.  It's a quick read and I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

The writing style of the author is really impressive. I liked the idea of writing a story on this age-difference topic and long-distance relationship topic which is not much talked about. People just don't believe in all this and may be through this story author is trying to break some more false beliefs on handling such relationships. I can't wait to read more books by this Author.

RATING: 5/5 STARS. Highly Recommended!

He belong to a town called Saharanpur where he stayed until his formal education. After that he moved to Mumbai for further education, and things changed in that city. After completing engineering MBA and working in the corporate for a year, he started a publishing platform, by the name of Half Baked Beans.

He sometimes love to scribble when he is not screening the manuscripts. He is nicknamed as 'batman' in the HBB family,
not because they see him as a superhero , but because he work late at night. He do not like travelling but he like the idea of exploring places. He is an experimental foodie. Currently he is living in Gurugram.

I met him once in Gurugram in Literature Fest once and I really loved meeting this man of many talents!


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