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Time flies very fast and the way business is done is witnessing accelerated changes. Going forward all of us have no choice but to visit self-created mental gyms on a daily basis, besides physical gyms. Visit to Mental Gyms is keeping yourself uncorked all the time. How much are you investing in yourself by way of time and resources? What are your plans to increase your personal indexes of Likeability, Approachability, Luck, Listening and Trust? What do you do between 6-9 PM.? Artificial intelligence is changing things rapidly from recruitment, sales analysis, customer care etc. How do you resurrect, reinvent, re-engineer yourself with new skills and knowledge on a routine and regular basis? Like your financial capital, your mental capital also needs to be preserved, protected and promoted besides putting it on a growth path. All actions verbal and nonverbal silently create a brand image of ours. Are you a trustworthy brand? Relation building personal or professional is the core need to accomplish all your dreams.

There comes a time in life when you realise who really matters, who never did and who always will. Sooner, you can differentiate and figure out this aspect; life will be much easier and enjoyable. How good are you at managing your Boss or you as a Boss?


In this book ‘Uncork Yourself Not Bottles’ Author details his approach to effectively reaching goals by practising some important and useful methods. These practical methods will inspire you to approach your goals in a new way and speed up your success. Throughout the book, author emphasizes the need to visit our self-created mental gyms regularly and also highlights importance of talking to the man in the mirror as this is the most helpful method. This book will help you in your personal and professional growth. The content is practical and the interesting methods shared in this book can be easily applied. Some of the quotes by famous people are shared in this book and the selection of quotes is great.
Here are my seven- favourite takeaways from this book~
✍️ Author not only discusses the importance of making to-do list but he also highlights  the importance of following not to-do list.
 ✍️He advices readers how ability to say no is very important. Doing so will eliminate tasks that don’t add any value to your work.
✍️We should learn to say no to short term gains and should focus on long-run impacts.
✍️It was interesting to read and know how we are a product of average of 5 people we move around with. And this made me think about the 5 people around me :)
✍️I agree with author when he says that personal meetings are remembered and how important it is to carry your business cards and sending thank you note after every meeting
✍️Small gestures with positivity are 1000 word speech.
 ✍️This book is not only useful for all professional managers but for the boss too. It teaches you how to be real boss. Author also focuses on the importance of customers in a company.
I found bookcover and title apt. The writing style of author is impressive. I completely enjoyed reading this book and I am sure this will help all readers to step up to next level of professional & personal life! Do give it a read..

Pradeep Chhabra is an astute and result oriented professional with + 4 decades (1976- 2017) of experience both in the Public and Private sector in managing business and business development activities in downstream of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. Born and brought up in Delhi, Mechanical engineer by education, Marketer at heart, lives with his wife, Meenakshi and Son, Siddhant. Enjoys listening to music, loves travelling and reading non-fiction.


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