Why Mersal Is Better Than Sarkar

Vijay, our very own Thalapathy, made his presence felt at the box office again with Sarkar. Sarkar created a massive hype in social media for all the right reasons. Thalapathy pointed out all the issues in our government and left nothing unaddressed. While Vijay fans and some critics were full of praises for Sarkar, others scrutinised the movie for being less of a cinematic experience and more of a declaration of Vijay’s entry into Politics. Personally, I think Mersal was way better than Sarkar, and that is coming from an A.R. Murugadoss fan. Okay, let me tell you why I feel that way. While Sarkar was an open window for people to peek into the harsh reality of today, Mersal pointed out a lot of social issues in a more subtle way. With massy fight sequences and provoking dialogues, people were able to relate themselves more to the story, which just was not the case with Sarkar. General audiences were left disappointed, and Sarkar was a massive setback for most of a lot of A.R. Murugadoss fans.

I am not here to scrutinise Sarkar, okay. I’m rather here to give a throwback to some of the things that Mersal got right. Mersal was not just for Vijay fans but for everyone who loves movies, which was one of the selling points of Mersal. Mersal is the story of Maran, famously known as the 5 Rs Doctor, getting abducted by his lookalike Vetri who wants to expose the malpractices in the Medical Industry. The movie was written and directed by Atlee. Atlee is often criticised for using too many slow-motion shots, but believe me, this was not the case with Mersal. G. K.Vishnu did a great job behind the camera and was able to capture Vijay in all his glory. Side note: This is also the first movie to change Vijay’s title from Ilayathalapathy to Thalapathy, we couldn’t be any happier. The movie did wonders since its theatrical release and had a revolutionary buzz in Tamil Nadu.

Atlee and Vijay scandalised people who walked into theatre looking for a cliche masala film but were rather given something that they could cherish for a long time. It was an eye-opener for people like me who confine themselves to only movies and friends and have no clue as to what politics really is?

Vijay was praised by everyone for having the guts to point out social issues, which others wouldn’t dare. This is not the first Vijay movie to touch on social and political issues. Vijay is one actor who is not scared of political pressure and would not mind making such movies if they can really improve the well-being of people. He has been doing it very subtly in the past decade. However, with Kaththi and Mersal, he went all in. He finally understood his true potential and started making movies for people.

So that’s what I had to say about Mersal, It's a great movie, and you should watch it if you haven’t already. I don’t want to know whether or not he is going to enter politics. I just want him to make movies that I can proudly watch with my family, and Mersal is one such movie. But somewhere I still wish Sarkar was as good as Mersal.


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