Archer Davis's life couldn't have been more perfect. That was until he ran his car into a girl. And since then, trouble has followed him like a shadow. He got strangely fascinated by her, trying to figure out the 'maze' she used to talk about. But when she disappeared, he finally decided to find the reality behind her delicate face. When the mystery unravels and the traumas unleash in front of him, will he still remain the same? Meet the girl who is after all not one. Meet the guy who falls for one of them.

" Do you even know what depression is like? Have you been through it? It's not being sad for some period and then waking up feeling okay. It's to sleep everyday feeling you're worthless. It's to wake up the next day and feeling there's nothing good enough in the world to stay. It's to go through the day without any motivation of living. It's to feel your head explode with all the demons screaming inside it. I've seen her, I've been through it with her. I understand what she's going through but you obviously don't. So, don't judge her and don't say I'm depressed. Because I'm certainly not and I don't even want to be. It aches me even looking at what she's going through. Believe me, buddy, it's the worst you can have in your life."

This is a story about a beautiful girl named Snow Ace who meets Archer Davis in a very life unusual situation when Archer Davis hit her by his car and takes her to hospital. He finds himself so much involved in her situation and takes her home due to some unusual circumstances and finds out that she has run from her home. She stays with him for few weeks and they become really good friends. Archer fell in love with her but he is unaware whether she feels the same for him or not. Later he discovers that she is suffering from a bipolar disease. He tries to know more about her past and memories which might help him understanding her illness better. One day unexpectedly Snow runs away from his home and he is left heartbroken and helpless. He tries to find her everywhere only to find himself fail in every attempt. After some years, he meets her unexpectedly and he finds himself falling for her once again. He questions himself whether he really want to get involved in this  or not. To know whether he will go with the flow of his feelings or he will keep his feelings under control, you'll have to read this book. There is element of suspense in the book which makes it even more interesting and engrossing read.


  • I loved how Author has done a brilliant job by writing about this patient Snow, who is suffering from a Bipolar disease and how society treats such people with mental illness and look down upon such people who need our care and love the most.
  • I absolutely loved how Archer tries to read her mind when she herself is not in a condition to know her mind, I loved how he understands her pain and all that stress that she is going through.

  • Archer proves to be an ideal lover or I would say an ideal human being who never leaves his true love in difficult phases of life.

I liked the writing style of the author. The cover is impressive and the title Bittersweet is apt.

RATING: I would like to give this book 5/5 STARS for the excellent story.

Anushka J. is a 19 year old Author, pursuing her Bachelors of Business Administration from PIMR, Indore. She is an introvert who mostly likes to sit at home, eat pizzas and read books. She lives with her mother, father and elder brother. She discovered her passion for writing when she was thirteen, exploring it more by writing short stories and poetry. Apart from that, she enjoys singing and has been a part of her college rock band. Her life revolves around her mother, her large collection of books and her dreams. She believes that her greatest achievement so far is winning the best fiction manuscript award by Lit O Fest, Mumbai.


This sounds great! It's always nice when the writing style is enjoyable.

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