Baby On Board: An Ordinary Couples's Extraordinary Pregnancy Journey
To start with, this is my story. For many years I tried to delay and escape from the inevitable. For months thereafter, I was persistently persuaded by my near and dear ones. Finally, in late 2017, (yes I planned the year and almost the month as well), I finally took the plunge and entered the phase of ‘Motherhood’, albeit, with a lot of anxiety and fears. This is the journey of someone who literally suffered from Tokophobia-(fear of childbirth) since she was young but ultimately & contrary to popular perception, it became the biggest and most wonderful challenge of her life.


If you're making preparations for motherhood, then this is the book you need to read. It's informative and engaging read for all expectant parents. This book Baby On Board by Author Sonia Sahijwani Saini is a fab break from the usual pregnancy reads. It is full of nuggets of wisdom that will guide you through your pregnancy journey. Author suffered from Tokophobia ( fear of childbirth) and she shares how she overcame this fear. She discusses all her unique in the book and she has written this book for the benefit of all moms-to-be. I think this will definitely help the first time moms most.


  • I am especially grateful for the section that explains why we need to be fit before giving birth. I absolutely loved reading where author and her husband joins gym 6 months before planning her pregnancy. It was truly fun reading about all their preparations.

  • I liked that this book definitely has a point of view. Some people think that natural birth is best, while Author thinks that all moms deserve a medal no matter how they deliver their baby. I completely agree with her.
  • I completely agree with her that our partner should be given some responsibilities and we must trust him in performing these responsibilities related to baby. We must never underestimate his support.
  • Other than our life partner, our  gynaecologist plays the most important role in our pregnancy journey. He advices, her support is what makes you feel assured that you and your baby are safe.

In the end, the book’s goal is to leave you feeling prepared and less nervous, for whatever could happen.

RATING: I would like to give it 5/5 and would highly recommend it. Its honest, helpful and realistic so I think   this is one of the very best pregnancy books for parents-to-be.


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