If you want to learn and grow in life, start exploring the world inside you and believe the omnipresent "Genius". Every human is born with a "genius", a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Caged in this mind is the 'Little Me' helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us all along the way. The eternal conversations we have, our struggles for justifications and morals, and our gut feelings are what shape the voice of our 'Little Me'. It grows inside the spiritual realm of energy and the soul as we also grow with each new experience in life. The Self, the Ego and the Pride evolve from and dissolve within a person's 'Little Me'. In this book you'll find the reflections of everyone's 'Inner Self' and 'Little Me', protected by Spirit Guide "Genius" thus guiding us to learn and rejoice every moment of being alive despite the perplexities of life.


'Little Me In Everyone' is an insightful self-help book. The book is divided into 59 chapters and each chapter will provide valuable life lessons which can contribute to devising a better future for readers! This is a self-help book which not only addresses any specific topic, but covers every important aspect of life including our relationship with self and others, spirituality and sex, love, marriage, and on how one should walk on the path of achieving dreams, how to embrace failure and make it work in your favor, how to look at struggle as an opportunity for growth, work-life balance, and finally enjoying fruits of hard work and success.

  In his book, Author Eddyee Siingh tries to share a story from his own life, his life  experiences with the help of the Protagonist Vikas. Vikas was an introverted person and strongly believed in his guardian spirit "Genius" and this guardian angel protected and guided him. He was a person who was curious on understanding his inner self and seeking help from the Genius whenever faced with difficulties. The book’s early portions are covering the stages of Vikas’s career, his achievements, and the hurdles he faced on personal and professional front. Later portions of the book focus on how he makes a strong comeback in his career and how he retains his grateful attitude despite challenges. Author emphasizes on the power of listening to our inner self, the 'little me' in everyone because this relationship with the self is the most important relationship because when we question ourselves and when we know ourselves well, it helps us in cultivating self-awareness. This practice not only empowers or mind but also our soul.

I found Author's writing to be really honest which according to me is the best part of his writing. He has presented his life's experiences without whitewashing the ugly facts, which helped him in shaping his life journey. Throughout, the book’s suggestions are short and to the point. Eddyee’s familiar, clear language also helps when it comes to understanding each topic. The book’s language is gentle even in its moments of negativity, resulting in glimpses into Authors’ perceptions. The cover of the book is very well designed and it is clearly able to communicate the feeling that Author is trying to convey! 

This book actually helped me by giving answers to many of my questions. It was engrossing and thoughtful read.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to understand his/her inner self better.





Eddyee Siingh, an ardent and zealous entrepreneur, an excellent Mind coach, motivational speaker and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner has embarked on the journey to pen down his thoughts and bring his stories to the world. Eddyee is also an eminent hypnotherapist. He has assited many people in finding latent potential in them and regaining command over uncertain and fragmented areas of life. His efficiency and effectiveness has helped numerous people turn back to life with full vigor and spirit. His set of dexterity and deftness doesn't end here. On top of all these, he is an avid racer who has won many national championships. He has also made invaluable and lucrative contributions to the Motorsports industry in India by organizing, executing and promoting numerous Motorsports Events across the country. His team is best known for the passion they have for the sport in addition to having hands on experience in delivering excellence throughout.

Eddyee is very passionate about bringing change to the society and upliftment of people. He puts his heart and soul into everything possible to support people in accomplishment of their goals and turning their dreams into reality. Eddyee helps the people by bringing brain and heart together in such a manner that leads to fulfilment of both their desires as well as intent.


This sounds like such an interesting read! I love a good self help book and it is wonderful that this was not only enjoyable to read but beneficial as well.
the creation of beauty is art.
Murthy K v v s said…
Your review intrigued me to read it. All the best.

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