Best Features on HiPi that Would Make your Short Video Stand Out


HiPi, the short video status app, has changed the way people look at short videos. Although Instagram and Facebook Reels are great, they do not have the same features that HiPi has. Whether you are an actor, dancer, singer, painter, or fitness enthusiast, you can create attractive videos on HiPi. 

Let’s take a look at the five best features on HiPi that would make your short video stand out:

1. Short videos of up to 90 seconds

While Instagram and Facebook reels allow you to create short videos of up to 60 seconds, HiPi gives you the chance to upload videos of up to 90 seconds. This gives you better flexibility in shooting your videos and creating the right impact with your talent. 

2. Unique, trendy filters used by celebrities

The short video status app provides you with a wide range of filters to make your videos glamorous. RJ Pritam Singh recently used the fire explosion filter. The filter gives a dynamic effect to your video. 

Another trending filter is the transformational beauty filter recently used by Ruhi Chaturvedi, actor of Kundali Bhagya. In her video, she transformed from wearing a top and jeans to an ethnic outfit. The sparkling video filter was recently used by TV actor, Daljit Kaur which added a dream-like quality to her video. There are many other celebrities that you can follow on HiPi to create short videos.

3. Filters for actors and comedians

The funny face filter will help you create funny short videos and entertain your audience. The filter funnily distorts your face. You can try the laser effect filter to look like a superhero. You can use the Retro filters to create great acting videos. You can choose from a wide range of filters such as disco, mirror, blossom, bling, and skull-face to create exciting videos if you are an actor. 

4. Great engagement

If content is the king, engagement is the queen. The short video status app gives you plenty of chances to drive significant engagement on your videos. First of all, you can share your videos on other social channels with your family and friends. You can watch and comment on videos by creators in your niche to build a great network on the app. Moreover, you can participate in trending challenges of HiPi so that you get the chance to become a trend on the home page. It will give you a good engagement and loyal followers. 

5. Control the speed of your video

The short video status app gives you the chance to control the speed of your short videos. You can try the slow-motion or the fast-motion effect to make your short video stand out. In some dancing or travel videos, the slow-motion effect works wonders. The fast-motion effect looks good on fitness and travel videos. You can also add the music of your choice to your short video to make it entertaining. 

These are the five best features on HiPi that would make your short video stand out. If you enjoy creating short videos, download the short video status app and create attractive videos. Show your talent to the world without any inhibition, and you will soon win the heart of thousands of followers.


Swati Amar said…
Sounds great! Very informative and well explained. Thanks
Alok Tewari said…
Very informative..Good to know..thanks .

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