Hi friends!
Going to the movies,without snacks ,feels wrong..Right?

I love watching movies and Dt Cinemas is my favourite movie destination.Today I will review Cafe Dt (DT STAR Cinemas) which is located on the first floor in DLF PLACE Mall,Saket!

DECOR~For the extra comfort,nice furniture is placed at the Cafe Dt (in the cinema lobby)so that people can enjoy the gourmet delights and combos before going inside to Audi to watch movie.

FOOD MENU~The food menu includes preparations like Indian Spices Cottage Cheese Wrap,Chilli Potatoes,Pastas,Hot and Cold Beverages,Chilli Cheese Toast,Pizza Margarita and many other delicious preparations!

I ordered 2 Veg Shami Wraps and Honey Chilly Potatoes and Pasta and ofcourse some popcorns for my girly gang.The wraps were so delicious and I eat them everytime before I go to movie hall (as I am a big Bhukkad) :D.I make sure I dont feel hungry when the movie starts.Later on we had chocolate truffles which were again so yummilicious.I was craving for ice-cream and then I saw the Kesar-Pista Ice-cream and could not stop myself from trying it!It was yummm...

Thank You for reading my food blog!
Vandana :)


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