Restaurant Review~Cafe Delhi Heights

Hi foodies!

Today I am going to review Cafe Delhi Heights.On saturday I went  to DLF Promenade mall with my friends.Cafe Delhi Height is on first floor in this mall and this place has great ambience.We got our seats but the seating area was almost full (may be people just love this place).

What I ordered:
I loved their menu as they had many options to choose from but I ordered HAWAAIIN PIZZA and some cold-drinks.Hawaaiin Pizza is the most popular pizza with cheeze and tomato base and toppings of ham and pineapple.We all loved it as pineapple on pizza really tastes different and yummy.

AMBIENCE~Cafe Delhi Heights has good and comfortable seating arrangement for foodies .I loved how they have decorated the place with curtains which makes this place look interesting and happening.The music here adds different vibe to this cafe.

SERVICE~The service was good and very quick.The servers there were really fast and polite.

MY RATING~I would give 4 /5 to this place.I would suggest all foodies to go to this place with their friends to chill and have relaxed time.

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aaaaaaaa said…
Thanks for following me.I am now following you back.Love you.
Unknown said…
The pizza looks yum! And love that necklace :)
Thanks for your comment. So happy to know that your mom liked my dress too :)

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