Hi my foodie friends!
Today I will review Rajdhani Restaurant,which is located on Ground Floor,Restaurant Block,DLF PLACE MALL,saket.

This is how they welcome the foodies by applying this orange tika on forehead :)

DECOR~Rajdhani is a classy dining place with comfortable seating arrangement.

FOOD~Rajdhani Restaurant offers Gujrati and Rajasthani Food.We ordered Rajasthani Thali with some cold drinks.This thali included different types of Dals,Puri,Dal baati,a small cute samosa, and many other Rajasthani dishes (actually I am not familiar with all names :D) and sweet dish too.The taste was good.My sister loved it but I am not a person who like Dals much.It was like a plain food,I mean people who enjoy Rajasthani food will surely enjoy this meal!Not me..

Service was quick but the servers were going on every table to serve the dishes from the big bowls they were carrying ,after every few minutes so the place was looking over-crowded (which I did not like).May be they want to serve hot to foodies but I always express my genuine views about restaurants,websites and everything !

Would I like to go there again?
I went there to try some different cuisine and they really have so much variety in food but I guess I wont go as its only the place for people who are fond of Gujrati and Rajasthani Place.You guys must go to this outlet and you might love the food!

Thanks for Reading my Food Blog!
Vandana :)


Jasmina Dimitri said…
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Jasmina Dimitri said…
Love this post and food. It looks delicious! :)
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Rupa said…
I am yet to go there. Will go soon.

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TaNuja said…
that looks so yummy!!!!

Unknown said…
Wooow, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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