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We all know about mostly because of its best feature i.e.scrapbooking.
I tried to shop through Limeroad App this time.It was very convenient to shop through this App,and in a matter of minutes I could successfully shop online with my cellphone.Earlier whenever I had to buy anything from Limeroad,I had to switch my laptop and then shop and select(I felt lazy sometimes shopping through my laptop).But with Limeroad Shopping App,it has become really easy,just follow these steps and get your desired products at your doorstep.
First Download the App,
Then login to your same old Limeroad account
Now select your product and (you can use filters also if you want to check products according to size,color,or brand etc)
Now Click buy them and place your order using the payment options available.
I love  to shop from limeroad through their app now because most of the time I shop on the go because of busy schedule.
I would like to give 5/5 to this amazing app.
And I would strongly recommend you all to download this App and see the change in your online shopping style.
I am a regular shopper at and I was thinking what to buy from limeroad then I thought of  upgrading my summer wardrobe and bought one white shirt from Scwof brand

Thank You for reading my blog!
Vandana :)


Walking Freckle said…
Thanks for sharing the data :) I want to download the app now.
See you in my blog.

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