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I love writing and more than that I love reading articles on other's blogs and websites.The articles that I enjoy reading are the ones which are useful.I came across this useful and couldnot stop myself from reading articles related to fashion and family.The article that I found really useful is 8 WAYS TO A WORK LIFE BALANCE here~

Its about time-management and we all feel at some or other the time that we're not able to give much time to the most important things in our life due to our work.Learning to manage time is essential for all of us .
I found this article useful as it tells us how perfectly we can manage our time at work and at home.It gave us really good tips on how we can work without getting distracted.We should make a proper schedule of our work .We can try to avoid social media for few hours instead of checking mails and notifications after every few minutes.I believe it is a helpful advice because many of us spend lot of time on social media during our work and we are not able to complete our assigned tasks on time.

And how to manage time at at home?
Keeping work separate from a personal life is important.Try to avoid office calls or emails beyond a certain time.Spend more time with kids as kids want to feel connected with you.Do fun things together to make them feel special.
Eating together is very important as dinner is the time when usually everyone is in the house and you can talk to them about their day.I too beleive that we should talk everyday with our family members to know what is going on their life,do they need any help from us etc.Give time to your spouse too as it helps in emotional bonding.

I loved that in this article they have mentioned about Me-time too.Yes me-time is really important.We can schedule a day in the week so that we can do things that satisfy our inner needs.
So from now onwards I will make sure that I have my time management calendar set in my mind and I work according to that because I dont want to miss anything in life.I want to live my life as I want it and for this time management is must!

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