Style Tips For ~#Dandydad

Hi friends!
A shout-out to my readers who are dads,you all are amazing!Happy Father's Day

I truly appreciate my father for all he has done and continues to do for me.
How are you celebrating Fatherhood?I am celebrating fatherhood ~'THE DANDY' STYLE!
My dad dresses in what he likes.Normally this means the same old trousers with shirts and sometimes white kurta pyjamas.Day in,day out,this is his wardrobe and it has been for as long as I can remember.For him what matters is that he wears what he wants to wear.He dont listens to anyone who wants to change it (even is that person is his own nagging fashionable daughter).I gifted him so many cool tees and shirt of bright colors but they are safely kept in his closet.He wears what he loves to wear.And I kept saying~"You're not wearing that,Dad?" Unlike him I tend to get lost in the seriousness of style,of dressing according to rules and regulations,to what I think is cool.And by any and all standards my dad is not what one would call "fashion-forward".But this father's day I want my dad to wear something really fashionable according to my choice.

I have created a list of products from ,which I want him to wear this father's day because I know my dad and his wardrobe ranked pretty low on the list of fashion inspiration.Lets cheer to #dandydad 

This chequered shirt will fetch endless comfort and ease,as it is fashioned from light cotton fabric.It will match well with cream colored trousers!

These are stylish yet so comfortable


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Have A Great Day :)
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