Hi friends!
My friends call me a creative person because I like doing so many new things in a different way.When we look forward for something new or something fresh,we feel excited about and this excitement makes our life interesting.Nobody likes to lead a boring life and we all try doing something unique in order to make a fresh move in our life.Life is a beautiful journey but to make it more beautiful we need to take some fresh steps every day.
We try to bring freshness by trying new recipe because we want to savour that new and yummy taste which is enough to make our day happy.Then shopping also brings some kind of freshness in our lives.We feel good when we wear newly shopped clothes and accessories.Going on a long trip with  family can be one more reason to add freshness in our boring life.Everytime we all keep thinking about ways to make the life more fresh.But do you know what is the best thing that adds that extra freshness to our life?Its music and dance that makes our world happening,Isn't it?

Music has the power to heal us completely and the dance moves can really make us feel excited about life and ourselves!

Thinking the same I have decided to organise a cool dance party for all my friends so that one day we can take our time from our busy schedule and feel good about ourselves reliving the old good moments.To charge the situation with energy,I have decided to call Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda to jazz up our life.
Allu Arjun has got sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda has got magical voice and when these both come together,then they can perfectly make the situation more rocking.We all can energize our life when we will dance with Allu Arjun and will hear good somgs in the amazing voice of Anushka Manchanda.The situation will be completely energized as we can forget the stress  of everyday work.We can spend some really good time with our friends and make ourselves more energized for life.Afterall we live only once and we have all the right to live happily.Happiness comes with music and dance.Without good music life seems incomplete.Hows my idea to make a fresh move?Live life with the flow of music and dance on its tunes to make a Fresh Move!

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Thank You!


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