Goodies for a Food Writer

Hi friends!

This is a quick post to share what I got from Zomato. Zomato is my favourite website and Zomato mobile app is the most used app in my mobile that helps me in finding the best restaurants in the city.For a food blogger like me ,this app is very important to search the food of my choice,the address of my fav restaurant.It makes my search easy.I also love sharing the restaurant reviews on Zomato after I visit restaurants just like I share on my food blog.And I am surprise to get this cute goodies from Zomato.Have a look,the poster describes me so well because eating food comes later on only after I have taken some really good pics of food on the table.The food diary,the zomato badge and pen,what more can a food blogger in me ask for?I carry my diary and a pen with me always because we never know where I can some free time and I can note down my views for my next blogposts.

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Vandana :)


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