Dates & Dry Fruits Ladoos Recipe~My Favourite Indian Dessert Dish

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Today I am gonna share the recipe of my favourite Indian dessert dish which is Dates & Dry Fruits Ladoos. They are so delicious and I learnt them from Youtube. I found them really easy to make and I tried them myself. And the result was perfect 10. Everyone loved them,especially my little bro who requested me to make them again.

This dates and dry fruits dish is healthy as we have not used any oil or ghee and sugar. The natural sugar of Dates tastes well in these laddus.

So the recipe is simple and I have tried to make it really simple with the help of these pictures.

DATES~2 small bowl,seedless 
ALMONDS~1 small bowl
CASHWEWS~One small bowl
PISTACHIOS~one small bowl

Preparation Time~30 minutes


STEP 1~You need seedless dates and if you are not able to get seedless dates then you can always remove the seeds with your hands and then grind these dates in a grinder for 2-4 minutes.After you take out the seeds,dates will look like this (Pic)

After grinding them you will get this result.

STEP 2~Chop the almonds,cashews and pistaschios in chopper or if you don't have chopper ,you can always cut them into small pieces with the help of knife.

STEP 3~Now roast these chopped almonds,cashews and pistas in a non-stick pan till they turn brown.( It will take around 5 -7 minutes)

STEP 4~Now when these dry fruits are roasted well,you can add the dates paste that we prepared earlier.Add it slowly and then turn off the flame.

Now you can bind these dry fruits and dates mixture into a small ladoos .Give them any shape you like. You can also make little cute dry fruits bars ,candies out of it. You can store them in a refrigerator and they will work best for your midnight hunger. These can be stored in fridge for 7 days. I have tried making them twice and both the times the result was yummy and worth the effort!

You can prepare this during festive season and now you dont need to buy sweets from market.I try to learn zero-oil as health is more important than any other thing.The health of family members is in hands of the woman who cooks in the kitchen and I love making only the healthy and tasty dishes for my family.

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I hope you liked the recipe.Let me know in comments!

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You are awesome! I wish I had better cooking skills, for sure!

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