Honda Jazz Launch Event at TAJ PALACE HOTEL

Hi friends!

On 8th Of July,I went to Honda 's launch party. Honda's new sleek,sporty and stylish car Honda Jazz was Launched in New Delhi at TAJ PALACE Hotel by Honda Car President and CEO Mr Katsushi Inoue.I met him and he is a very friendly person.We clicked lots of selfies together :) All the media was present there and asked lots of questions to Honda team!

Honda Jazz is an automobile of new era.

The event was grand where the Honda Head and other members explained about its amazing features.They also gave speech on customer strategy,sales and marketing.They spoke about their marketing in 3 steps~Reaching and offering products to customers.Jazz is for the age group of 25-35 years,single or small family.

No doubt ,the new Jazz is for the people who want to stand out in crowd and who are experimental.Individual who think there is no one like him.Who wants nothing unless its everything.We also watched the pre-launch TV commercial which was awesome!

The prices of Honda Jazz diesel and petrol cars were revealed in the launch party.

I love the all new Jazz and its tagline~Nothing else is a jazz!

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