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This blog is written for participation in the blogging contest by eKavach Parental Control App https://goo.gl/i7ust7. I am writing about being a #eSuperMom or #eSuperDad! You can also submit your entry here <https://goo.gl/bgZB4w> and stand a chance to win Gold/Diamond jewelry and exciting shopping vouchers.

Balancing work /life and children in this technology-driven sphere is not easy for moms.But I am going to share about my friend Nisha ,who I think is a SuperMom and she make sure she enable better parenting just like #eKAVACH. She inspires me in many ways. She is a successful working woman handling many work assignments but she is also a successful mother as she knows well how to strike a balance between professional and personal life. When she is in office,she make sure to complete her work there itself and when she is back home,she just spend time with her kid Kartik.

She knows her responsibilities well and she perform them with perfection.She never forgets to prepare a list of tasks she need to complete for the day both professional and personal.She form this list in her mind and then prioritize her tasks accordingly.

When she is back from home,she spends quality time with her son and she listen to him about his school,his studies,friends and other activities of the day. She never ignores him and always try to make him feel special. If there is anything important,she takes leave from office and help her child in his studies. Weeekends are always special for Nisha and her son,because my friend never fails to make good plans for her family. She learn new recipe and then make the most yummiest food for her family. Sometimes they go for  movie. I really appreciate her as she is the most caring mom.

Not just this,she even downloaded eKAVACH Parental Control App. eKAVACH is India's most advanced parental control app for Android which provides complete family protection and online safety for kids. With the help of this app,parents can control web content filtering on kid's cellphones and tablets to provide safe browser experience,block pornography, remotely monitor kid's device,control screen time and manage apps. Interestingly,this free digital parenting service comes as 2 apps, a parent app for parent phone & a child app for child's device. Both apps should be installed together to ensure internet safety for kids.

What I love about this most useful app is parents can Control Internet Usage and set Time Limits for kids.Parents can set daily schedule for allowing access to internet . In this way parents can help in reducing internet addiction.

So friends,its time to take our first step towards positive digital parenting.

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