Hello my blog readers!

Woah!Today my blog turns 3.How wonderful..Yay.. I am celebrating 3 years of successful blogging! I am ever so grateful to those of you who read my posts and leave comments.I do always read them all and feel so thankful of the support !

4th September 2012 it all started. I wish I started sooner,so much fun it is!

Last three years brought me a lot.Attending bloggers events,meeting some great fashion and food bloggers,attending dress and jewelry styling events,lovely photoshoots and lovely collaborations with famous fashion brands. I won many blogging activities and also got certificates in digital marketing.

I get a great feeling of following my heart because this is what I love to do.Sharing styles,trends,outfit posts,writing reviews,clicking lot of food pics and also finding the perfect setting for my own pictures!

I can say that I blog,therefore I am!

I celebrated this beautiful day with my family and friends by hosting a party. Any celebration is incomplete without cake,and a cake lover like me, can't settle for  nothing but for the best designer cake which I ordered from Ferns N Petals  Even though I had heard about the website, I had missed out on trying it. Wow,the cake was awesome and was delivered in gorgeous packing. I almost didn't want to open the box until the guests arrived but I couldn't contain my excitement.

Have a look at my cake Hot Heart Rose Red Cake~It was yummy and we finished it yesterday only :D Luckily my friends arrived on time otherwise the cake would have been half finished :p The theme of the party was red love and obviously that meant me wearing a red dress. After a long day of shopping and finding the perfect dress, I started wondering how lucky was I to have come across FNP otherwise I would have to go running from bakery to bakery to find the perfect cake. Alas! Everything can't be so easy.

My siblings and friends gifted me these yummy and cute gifts! We had late night dance party and we enjoyed a lot. My mom was so proud of me to have accomplished 3 years of blogging which she initially thought was just a hobby but my hobby has got me so many great friends and readers .

My lil bro gifted me these liquor chocs

My friend gifted me this teddy mug
My sis gifted me these chocolates :) 


Thanks to all my readers and the people that support me along the way. Big hug to you all!

Vandana :)


Congratulations! That is such an incredible milestone. I am so happy that you have accomplished so much - and have had so much fun in the process!
Wish you all the best dear!
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Wish you all the best dear!
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