The most comfortable space in your house is your bedroom. A beautiful bedsheet which is likely to add colour, the feel, the texture to your bed and enhances the look of the overall bedroom. It is a necessity which has a plus point of adding an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. Everyone ha their own choice of colour, pattern and texture. Some like vibrant, some like it plain and textured and so on and each of these is available in the market. So how do we choose which that suits best for your bedroom as well as your pocket?

Hare are 4 Things to know Before Your Buy Bedsheets for your room:
Size of the bedsheet
Now the size of your bedsheet depends on the size of your bed. There are the single bed and double beds, and according to this, your bedsheets are available in the market. A quick tip measures the depth of your mattress and adds two inches so that you can tuck the two ends of the sheets.

And if you are thinking to buy cotton sheets do remember to buy big ones because they shrink after washing.

The fabric of the sheet decides the quality of the bedsheet. With loads of range and material available in the market, one can feel a little confused on which one to buy. A pure cotton sheet is the most expensive one as it is soft, and has anti-allergic properties which make the fabric unmatched.

It's like the worldwide choice when comes down to sheets. But as mentioned above they shrink after washing it, as advice is to buy them bigger, so it does not create a problem later.

A pure polyester bedsheet is one that is durable and one of the premium sheets variants. But the problem is that removing a stain on it is a problem that cannot be tackled easily and needs an extra effort. A silk bedsheet is smooth, royal and long lasting but it requires extra care as it may loose its shine by the continuous use of the sheets.

Tip- Choose the bedsheet based on the climatic condition in your area of living.

Plain or printed
This differs from people to people. Some like it keep it plain and simple some like simple, some like printed, some like textured some like it vibrant and as people differ their choice also differ. So, a quick tip on how to decide whether it is plain or patterned sheet for your bedroom-if you have plain walls and furniture go for the printed ones.

Patterns- floral,dots, stripes, geometrical shapes, solids, checks. Then there are 3-D printed bedsheets that enhance your interiors and adds an element to your room. You  can choose a variety of bedsheets that you prefer depending upon these above factors.

From where you can buy?
I highly suggest you check out the Homeshop 18's bedsheets collection catalogue. You can buy the bedsheets online here by going through all the details mentioned on the website along with the requirement as per your choice. Apart from the conventional, yet amazing cotton bed sheets, you have access to the chic linen, silk and satin sheets.

At Homeshop 18, take your pick from an array of bedsheets curated from a range of eminent brands like Bombay Dyeing, Godrej Interio, Story @Home, Little India and more.  You can click here to Explore More.

I hope this post has been helpful. Let me know your feedback about the same  in the comments.

Until then, Happy Shopping!
P.S. Image credit goes to WWW.UNSPLASH.COM


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