Recently I was invited at Aroma Spa Ceylon, Gurugram.  Aroma Spa Ceylon is the most premium spa in Gurgaon. Aroma Ceylon introduces Ceylon Signature Gallery concept to India to play a revolutionary role to change the perception of Spa Culture. Aroma Ceylon boast as one of the few brands that represent pure therapeutic Spa & Beauty ventures and only one brand that has wellness planet in house.

Ceylon Signature Gallery is full of Herbs, Dry Fruits, Precious Stones and Contemporary Gift items. Aroma Ceylon displays and retails its own Skincare & Beauty products in the Gallery.

They offer Holistic Body Therapies, Body Care Treatments, Skin Care, Foot Care Therapies, Natural Beauty Services.

I got a warm welcome from the staff and I also got opportunity to meet the founders of Aroma Spa Ceylon, who introduced me to their  Aroma Spa Ceylon services in Gurugram. I got a chance to experience the services at the spa. The staff allowed me to go through the wide range of facials they have and after knowing my skin type, they gave me advice as what facial I should go for. I got the Casmara Facial done and I am really glad to share my views about the same with you guys. Also, before getting into the review, let's know a little about Casmara Facial.

With Aroma Spa Ceylon Founder: Leihya

Casmara Facial
It is a medicated facial for sensitive skin for glow, rejuvenation and to moisturize the skin deeply which again gives a tremendous result of brightening the skin and gives new life to the skin cells.
Facial time: 60 Minutes

Review: Casmara Facial Treatment at Aroma Spa Ceylon
I was served with a herbal tea cuppa before getting started with the facial treatment which really helped calm my mind and also ambiance of the place added to my mood. I felt relaxed and then it was time to go for the facial. So, let's get started with my experience with it:

Casmara Facial treatment is a 5- Step process:
So, the Step-1 was the Skin Cleansing using a gentle skin cleanser from the kit, followed by the Step-2 which is facial scrubbing which was done really gently and my skin felt really clean, dirt-free after the scrub was taken off followed by the steam which opened up all the pores. It made my facial skin ready for the Step-3 which was a gentle gel massage followed by the Step-4 that was the round of a gentle cream massage followed by the last and final Step-5 which was the face pack allowing my skin to absorb the goodness of the ingredients present in the pack.
And it was done. It took around 1 hour (as mentioned before) for the complete process. All the products in the Anti-ageing kit being used were massaged gently. Everything during the process was given utmost care which I really liked about this whole experience. The staff did their jobs really well especially the facial expert.
Once my facial was complete, I took a look in the mirror. I noticed my skin was glowing, pores appeared noticeably tighter and my skin looked fresh, well cleaned, brightened. It completely felt smooth as I touched it, radiant and rejuvenated. I would definitely like to visit there again and experience more of their services. I would love to give them a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and I highly suggest you check out their website.

Other than the facial treatment I got, they have a variety of body, foot, and beauty services you can go through online. So, if you wish to know more about Aroma Spa Ceylon, click here...
So, what are you waiting for? Please visit the Aroma Spa Ceylon WEBSITE and book your appointment now.

I hope this review post has been helpful for you guys. Many more coming your way. So, stay tuned!
Until then, keep glowing and stay beautiful!


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