Her heart is the vessel overflowing with myriad hues of emotions like glee, melancholy, nostalgia, reminiscences, fantasy and most of all with love. This poetry book has been written in an intriguing and captivating way which after reading will make you fall in love with the poems as well as with the poet. The great imagery, vivid narration and her fluid imagination will take you to the world of ballads, folklore and into another realm of fantasy and romance. The love poems particularly will touch your heart and you will find the words resonating and soul stirring both. The uniqueness of the book is one place you find the poet poignant and in the next moment her pious and defiant love towards her beloved can be seen. The mundane, the contemporary and the classic all the elements are merged like beads in a necklace within this book seeming to be completely inseparable from each other. The verses and the musings contained in it would certainly echo longer inside your soul even after you have finished reading the book. The book is an alluring summon for all, to come and fall in love with poetry. Her sermon to you... Thy love is the refuge I want, Thy romance is the sanctuary I need, Thy heart is the place I want to call, Home and thy glance make me more, Beautiful and I ever desire to stay within, Your breaths for as long as they shall flow, My presence shall be known as thy muse ~ Monalisa’s Musings ~


"My prayers begins with you,
And ends with you, I have,
Nothing to offer but my love!"

 Terracota Dreams is a compilation of 81 beautiful poems that have been written with so much love and with the pain at the same time. Each sentence arrests the eye and makes me admire poetess's ability to creativity to express every emotion in such beautiful words. In some of the poems, it seems that poetess is struggling with her thoughts, she asks herself, asks us and answers and in some poems her imagination is admirable. I am completely mesmerized by the amazing work. For me, Terracota Dreams was an engrossing read and an absolute page-turner. The first poem 'The poet's confession' sets the scene for the book and then I kept enjoying reading more. Some of my favourite poems from this book is The sculptor's sculpture, The bed tea, Tears, Nine yards of love, Nine yards of twinge, Look Beyond, Indian Goddesses of the Kitchen, Find me, My Lover! These are meaningful and very well expresses the feelings of lover. I also loved reading poems which describes her childhood days and I can very well relate to these thoughtful poems. In some of the poems, one can sense woman's desire to be loved. 

The writing style is impressive! The cover image is attractive and the title is apt. I would highly recommend her book to everyone and I am sure her poems will win her the admiration of countless readers!



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