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Every human is a seeker of ‘Truth’. But almost all give up in the middle since they are threatened by their alter ego, ‘The Fallen One’. The first step is to accept that yes, ‘I’ am ‘The Fallen One’ and then proceed for soul searching. This is unstable equilibrium so the caution has to be practiced. So, I would like to reach ‘Youth of India’ in particular by presenting them what ‘search for self realization’ has to offer. It is not easy, perhaps the most difficult task to be undertaken, but the persistence is the key. The book also contains few concepts related to science and mathematics which should interest logical minds. It is also meant for those who have gone under the same set of experience while performing soul search.


This book mainly revolves around search for self realization and the book is divided into 6 chapters which talk about the concept of The fallen one, the war, faith, finding who we are, death and the selfless warrior. Each chapter is explained very well and Author has tried to put these different concepts in simple ways. This book will surely help readers in becoming a better person and most importantly understanding their inner world. Our external world is affected by our internal world and that is why there is a need to be in peace with our inner world and understand it better. This book will teach you good things and also how we should accept our every experience well because each experience teaches us something, every person in our life comes to give us a life lesson and we must learn from everyone and everything and keep moving on in life. We should be thankful to everyone around us because as they all made us aware of our positive and negative aspects and helps us to grow as complete individual. I liked the writing style of author and would highly recommend this book to everyone. The cover image is attractive and the title is apt.



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