"Her poetry comes from her heart and resonates in the mind of a reader like an epiphany." ~ Delhi Wire

"This book will expand your mind and deepen your thoughts on the way you see the world." ~ Swati, 3rd June 2019

These knots that do bind,
Make thee one of a kind.

Knots is a collection of poetry and prose about love and heartbreak, tragedy and grief, survival and loss. It's a journey through the numerous knots that we tie in life, and the ones we tangle and untangle with. It explores the realities of mental illness & suicide, social taboos & violence against women, pain & darkness, self love & healing in all its naked glory. The rhythm of Knots resonates directly with the poet's heart, conveying to the readers that there is a way to untangle every knot in life, but sometimes, some of these knots are what we are made of.

Foreword by Dr. Santosh Bakaya


" To see the light illuminating the world, you have to, first and foremost, find the light radiating from within. "

I think there is nothing more comforting than reading a book because opening a book can be a welcome escape into another world. Recently I read this book KNOTS which is the debut poetry book of Deblina Bhattacharya. This young poet writes about love, heartbreak, betrayal and healing in this book. KNOTS is a unique collection of poems which are heartbreaking, inspiring, moving and powerful. Poet expresses how she struggles hard with her emotions to deal with heartbreak and how she stays strong when it is the hardest thing to do for her. Her poems express how she deals with her own memories of good and bad experiences in life while going through heartbreak. There is a message in her poems that how love can endure even heartbreak. She makes us realize that lots of people struggle with various different things in life and that we are never alone. She finds the power within to rescue herself in darker days and thats what I found truly inspiring.

Some of the poems are deeply melancholic, but there’s something beautifully hopeful about the tenderness with which Deblina expresses her pain.  She draws us into her world and tells us that it’s okay to feel however we feel; we are not alone and we have the power to heal ourselves.
The poetic way Deblina engages us to look at the beauty in life. Life isn’t all sunshine and roses but belief in the better future can see us through. Her poems are both tender and powerful at the same time.

My favourite poem in this book is ' Fractured Fairy tales'. I think what I really like about it is it’s absolute authenticity with which it is written.

I am impressed with the writing style of the author. The cover image goes well with the poems in the book and title is apt.

RATING: 5/5 Stars. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a comfort read. I believe her soothing poems will inspire hope in the loneliest or even the most despairing souls.

I would suggest that you travel with it when you're on a solo adventure and you will find this book incredibly comforting.


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