Abhaya, a sixteen-year-old girl is abducted and forced into a life of endless torment. Every day is a new hell for her, oscillating between torture and death, with a quickly dimming flicker of hope that one day she will find her way back home. But will she? What does home really mean to a fractured soul?

In anguish, it appears the whole world delights in schadenfreude, while God lies in wait. In wait for what, no one knows.


Can anyone comprehend what it is like to spend days and nights in unknown places getting tortured and raped by innumerable men? This is harrowing. The Chronicles Of Golgotha Days is a story of a sixteen-year old girl Abhaya, who goes through hell each day, silently enduring the excruciating pain. Abhaya, an innocent ninth-grade school student made a decision to run away with Babu, the ticket checker cum cleaner in the private bus, who was elder to her by more than fifteen years. She was not on the surer ground while taking this decision but Babu's compassion towards her had prompted her to take this thoughtless leap. Her Papa and Mommy loved her more than anything, but their overly concerned behavior had planted an aversion in Abhaya and she thought to teach them a lesson. She moved out to follow her foolish decision completely unaware of the dark reality that lay ahead of her. She gets into the clutches of Gurumurthy and Jaya Chechi and what follows afterwards is her torturous journey with these inhuman people. They invite man after man and they used her to satisfy their sexual fantasies and all her begging for mercy fell on their deaf ears. She went through innumerable emotions while struggling to adjust to her new reality keeping hope that someday she will be able to meet her parents. Will she ever be able to come out from this unimaginable pain? To know more do read this book.

I am impressed with the writing style of the author, he has brilliantly expressed the emotions of every character in the book. I went through so many different emotions while reading this book. I could feel Abhaya's bodily agony, her pain, her anger and her inability to do escape from that hell. I could feel pity and fear for her and reading this book made me cry...

A can't-put-it-down kind of book that you'll cry while reading.. You have to put the book down in your lap to let the events sink in before you can pick it back up again.

RECOMMENDATION: I would highly recommend this book to everyone.


Sujith Balakrishnan was born in Kerala, India. An engineer by profession, he lives in UAE. This is his debut novel.


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