7 Healthy Dishes For Mom~ Mother's Day Special

Hi friends!
This post is not about fashion but about food fashion :)
Tomorrow is Mother's day and it's a special day to pamper our mom.How are you going to make your mother feel special?Well I have already decided to pamper her through my cooking skills.Yes,I tried to learn all the healthy dishes for her and I am going to choose one or two out of these 7 breakfast recipes that I tried this week.These are cooked in very less oil and are healthy for everyone.Have a look and let me know how you find my cooking skills.

1.Sprouts Salad

This is very healthy salad made with Moong Dal(Sabut)It is made by soaking the lentil in water overnight and then wrapping it tightly in a cloth for next few hours.Then it is mixed with veggies.

2.Medu Vadas and Sambar

Medu vadas are made with urad dal and onions.Today I made these for breakfast and everyone loved these Vadas and Sambar made by me.Sambar is made with cucumber and arhar or tovar dal.I love sambar and thats the reason I make it every week.Now I know how to make it so I dont need to order it from outside.The vadas turned out very crispy.Here I would like to tell you all that sambar is healthy as very little oil is used in it but vadas are not that healthy as they are fried but the extra oil has been removed from them after frying and I make sure that I cook everything in healthy oil like saffola or oilve oil.I shared this dish here as I love making this for my mom and me!

3.Oats and Moong Dal Chilla
Who doesnt like cheela?Everyone does.But in order to make it healthier I made it with oats and moong dal and it tasted super delicious.Health bhi,taste bhi,heheh!

4.Oats and Moong Dal Dosa

Dosa is usually made with rice flour but to make it healthy I tried to make it with oats and moong lentil and stuffed it with veggies.

5.Moong Dal Idlis

Idlis are loved by all and they are mostly made with rice flour batter but to make it healthy,I made it with Moong dal.Isnt it a great idea.

6.Punjabi Chaney

These are made in very less oil and these can be a perfect breakfast and you can eat it with brown bread.

7.Oats Idlis

I love making breakfast with oats as its healthy and we can make breakfast quickly.I made oats idlis and they were delicious.I keep trying to learn more recipes and sometimes I try to create a new dish with my own food creativity and I love cooking nowadays as it keeps me involved and I love to learn new things.

And now the dish I am sharing is not that healthy but still I would love to share it because my mom loves it and thoda bahut unhealthy breakfast toh chalta hai kabhi kabhi :D


These are made with urad dal but its not that healthy as vadas are fried.

I hope you like all these recipes made by me.If you need complete recipe,you can always mail me!

Thank You for reading my blog!
Vandana :)


What great ideas! Definitely great for mother's day!
Anonymous said…
Everything looks delicious!

I want eat everything ;)
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Ángela said…
Nice Ideas! I love healthy Recipes!!
I am Angela from Spain, if you want we can follow each other!
My blog is www.mysecretjournal.es, do you want??
Ángela said…
Following you!!! Thanks a lot and keep in contact!!! have a good day!

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