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Wedding season is coming and all brides-to be wants to look most beautiful on their wedding day.But is it that simple? Ofcourse not,as it requires lots of efforts including shopping for your wedding outfit and other outfits for pre and post wedding functions, selecting the matching accessories,booking the best salon for makeup and hairdo and may more endless preparations. AHHH! It gets soo tough with so less time. So what should a busy bride-to be do in such a situation? I have an answer,i.e. proper planning. Decide how many dresses you need for all your functions,keep 2-3 extra dresses in list as you never know when you might need them as its your wedding and you can be invited anytime by your in-laws for any other unplanned ceremony.Keep in mind what exactly or any rough idea of the attire yo are looking for. If you'll have some idea about it,you can search it easily and avoid wasting your time in checking stuff you would not want to see. Then dont be in so hurry that you end up buying the wrong outfit,which you liked on the first day of your wedding shopping. Dont buy just keep it it mind and move on to check what other designs are available on your other favourite stores or websites. Always try the outfits,never think that if the dress is looking good then it will look good on you also. It never happens. What looks good on you is more important that what looks good in store hangers.

I want to introduce this website Landybridal which is really a good website for wedding shopping with exquisite collection. Some of my favourite LACE WEDDING DRESSES from this website are~

Don't forget to check theirWEDDING DRESSES 2016 collection!

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