We woke up early with the ringing of the alarm. We took shower, got ready and went upstairs where buffet breakfast was laid out. The wide variety in buffet left us impressed. We had our breakfast in this luxurious restaurant and the food was mouth-watering and flavourful. We appreciated the beautiful morning in Bali  and we were so happy and grateful as we were all set to embark on our journey in Bali. I wore this blue colored jumper with blue and white slides. I thought these slides would be more comfortable as we had so many places to explore on that day. I accessorised my look with this hanging neckpiece.

Our driver and guide came on time to pick us up. We headed to Bali Silver Gallery where we were shown how silver jewellery and other silver stuff is made. We went to Gallery where we got to see the most exquisite work of silver and we really loved the collection.

Then we went to Tirtha Empul Temple, where at the entrance we were asked to wear sarong over our dress before we enter the place. The vibes were really positive and the place was so peaceful, serene and calm. We took a dip in the water and then came out  after having explored this happy place.

Then we headed to see Mount Batur Volcano in Kintamani. From Sari restaurant we enjoyed the panoramic views while enjoying the great food. Bali Volcano was a sightseeing highlight of our day in this Bali's highland region.

Food with a view :)

Our next destination was  Bali Coffee Plantations. We reached there and interacted with the girl who introduced Luwak coffee to us. We got to learn how Luwak coffee is made, how the beans are roasted and then prepared. This place was absolutely gorgeous with so much greenary  around and the aroma of luwak coffee just made us feel so good.

Once our Luwak Coffee Plantation experience was over, we were already getting hungry for dinner. So our guide recommended one Indian restaurant on our way back to hotel. This restaurant called Bangle was adorable and the menu has variety of dishes. We opted for outdoor seating and ordered the food. I was excited to try the yellow dal and mix veg and wanted to taste how good they make the Indian dishes there. While our food was getting prepared we thought of taking a small walk around the place. It was drizzling which made the us feel so in tune with the nature and this was one memorable walk for us. We came back to a surprise and saw the Balinese dancers were performing inside the restaurant. We enjoyed watching their dance and then had our dinner. The food was exotic and made us feel like home. We had our desserts and headed back to hotel. At the end of the day we were damn tired but happy.

Read my next post to know about Day 3 in Bali.


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