On Day 3, the alarm woke me up with its ringing. We decided to enjoy our hotel pool this morning. We got late for our buffet breakfast so we ate avocado sandwich and strawberry shakes from the cafe near our pool. These yummy sandwiches were a perfect start to the day!

We got ready after discussing what outfit to wear on this day because we had to go for water sports activities on Tenjung Benoa Beach. We decided to wear short and fitted outfits so that we can enjoy our water activities to the fullest. After having amazing breakfast at this cafe, we left for Benoa Beach.

I loved wearing these cute flowers in Bali 

We already had tickets booked for Jet Skiing, Parasailing Adventure, Banana Boat and Donut Boat. We talked to the person who introduced us to other water sports activities too. We thought of buying tickets for Sea Walking too after seeing the excitement of the people around us who were getting ready for Sea Walk. Then after keeping our bags and stuff locked in the locker (that was provided to us), we headed quickly to beach as there was so much to do and no time to waste.

We experienced these four exhilirating water sports under the guidance of our instructor. First we got to experience the Jet skiing. Gliding over crashing waves on Jet ski, soaring to dizzying heights during a parasailing session, feeling blasts of sea breeze on a banana boat was completely a different and thrilling experience for us!!

 I wanted to see the beauty of underwater life and so wanted to experience scuba diving but I did not know swimming, so Bali Ocean Walker activity was one of the best ways to be able to see the scenic beauty of the sea floor. Let me tell be able to join under water ocean walker in Bali, participants does not require to have experience of using scuba dive equipment and does not need any dive certification and even does not require to be able to swim. I was soo happy to hear all this. The instructor gave us a tight-fitted costume to wear before going for sea walking. They also asked us to wear a watertight mask helmet. We were told that we can breathe freely like we breathe on the land. For the safety of Seawalker participant, professional guides always accompany the participants while seawalker diving. I was really nervous before going for sea walking. First I went inside the water and then after a second I came back little scared  (As this was my first ever experience in sea walking. I took a deep breathe and kept standing there holding the ship side :D I wanted to experience it so much but was little confused. Sensing my thoughts, the professional guide finally held my hand tight and took me inside the sea and yay.. I was finally okay with it or I would say he made me feel comfortable. He made some funny face expressions to make me laugh and made me feel at ease while sea walking. I was finally happy to have experienced this most memorable experience of my life. The marine life was so beautiful than expected. The duration was 20 minutes and when I came out I was so happy that I can't express in words.

We took shower and we were getting hungry after all these funfilled activities and near the beach only we went to this terrace restaurant, where we quickly ordered fried rice and samosas. The shape of the samosas were really different but they tasted as good as we get the yummy samosas in India. Then we headed back to hotel. Again I took shower and straight away went to my bed and took a rest for a while, before going to our next destination which was Ulluwatu Temple.

I got up and wore this printed dress with white sneakers. By the evening we reached Ulluwatu Temple. The place was so good and the weather was pleasant as always. Wind blowing on my hair and face made me feel so fresh. Before entering this temple, we met some Indian tourists coming back from temple, (we met these people on benoa beach too).  They advised us to remove our shoes and keep them in our car because the monkeys outside the temple takes away the shoes and slippers. We got little scared with the monkeys and thought of keeping our shoes safe in the car. Then we were asked to wear a sarong around our waist, a piece of some traditional clothing in Bali I think, before entering the temple. The temple was so beautiful and the ocean view beyond was breath-taking! We watched the beautiful sunset. It was so magical!! I felt the perfect peace there!!

We also watched famous kecak fire dance at Ulluwatu which is Bali's most iconic art performances.

When I was going and exploring the places in temple, it got dark and as I was not wearing shoes and  stepped on a thorn. It stuck to my foot and then I removed it and felt little pain :( We came out from the temple and thereof what we saw was some real fun and made us laugh out loud. We sat outside the place to feel the cool air and we witnessed something really hilarious. Our driver Bhaiya was standing near his car by keeping his one leg on the car and then a monkey took away one of his slippers :D Driver bhaiya ran behind monkey to grab his slipper but the monkey made him run till he got tired and did not return his slipper. We laughed a lot watching all these funny things happening in front of us. Then I was feeling a little headache while coming back, I rested in car till we reached a restaurant in Nusa Dua.

We went to Queens Of India restaurant, which serves the authentic Indian food. We ordered our favourite Shahi Paneer and Dal Makhni with some breads and soft drinks.

There were candle lit on every table and I felt like having a candle light dinner in this beautiful setting. The place was rich in interiors and the ambiance was really amazing. We could see many Indian familes dining in this restaurant. The food was delicious and extravagant as expected.

We booked our cab and then we asked driver to drop us in the way to our hotel as it was drizzling and we wanted to have a walk to explore the nearby places and experience the lovely weather. What a peaceful evening it had been!

Read next post for Day 4 :)


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