This was our last day in Bali and we got a free day without guide and driver to explore the places which we would like to on our own. So we got up early in morning, we got done with our breakfast. Afterwards we went to our hotel's pool. We planned how we will spend our day. We heard a lot about the scooty rides in Bali and our idea was to rent a scooty for a day. We travelled to all the nearby places and this travelling experience on scooty was much more exciting then travelling in car. It was drizzling and this weather made our scooty ride even more amazing.

We watched the scenic greenary and stopped in between to click some pictures. Then on our way we explored some places, we stopped our scooty as we heard some music coming from one of the nearby places. We went there and saw some youngsters were learning some musical instruments. We got to talk to them and know more about Bali. (Talking to stranger and knowing more about the places.. well.. this is what makes our travel more fun).

 We spent few minutes there and then again headed to explore the other places. We went to the most famous shopping destination Bali Collection. There were many stores and galleries from where we purchased lot of things for us and for our loved ones.

When we were coming back to our hotel in evening, it started raining heavily and we stopped our scooty outside one departmental store and bought some stuff from there. We waited there for about half an hour for the rains to stop. There too we loved interacting with the people. (Cool fact: the departmental store was run by a girl, which I think I haven't seen in India much :) . It was so much fun as we interacted with her and tried to made her talk in Hindi! Afterwards we headed to Benoa beach again to see how this beach looks in evening.

We reached our hotel and rested for an hour or so and in the evening we booked a cab to Kuta as it was far from our hotel and travelling on scooty in that rainy weather was not a cool idea. Kuta is a very famous place in Bali and I was eagerly waiting to see this place from Day 1. We reached there and had a walk in the Kuta market. We purchased some stuff from there as well and explores the other interesting places. We had pizza and some drinks there. There were so many night clubs around and lot of people were seen going and out of the club enjoying themselves. This place is also famous for its happening nightlife! Our day 5 ended as we enjoyed it to the fullest. We booked a cab back to our hotel and enjoyed the long drive on that beautiful night in Bali. I was feeling happy to have explored the majestic beauty of Bali in these 5 days but somewhere I was also feeling little upset that tomorrow we'll be leaving Bali. We did not want to leave it so soon :(  We headed to our Hotel. Next morning we packed our stuff and our driver and guide drove us to Airport. We thanked them for all their help. They were really friendly. I knew I was going to miss Bali so much but I was content that I was taking some really good memories in my heart, that we created at this place and that we'll cherish forever. I thanked God for fulfilling my wish to see this most beautiful country which was always on my travel bucket list.


Prasanna Dasari said…
There are many temples with astonishing architecture in Bali, hope you had a good time being there and enjoying the beaches and the views. Nice post Vandana!

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