He meditated for some time, seeking higher guidance. He declared, “Aditi, I am acknowledging your power and appreciating your magnificence. You are a soul of light, inherently divine, capable of merging with the Higher Self.” Aditi swallowed the lump that came to her throat as tears pricked the corner of her eyes. Her hair stood on end and her breathing momentarily stilled and she wondered whether she had heard him correctly. He smilingly explained, “The first word is acknowledgment. Aditi, you have to admit to yourself that you are worthy and you have the power. The second word is appreciation and you have to like that about yourself. Most people feel shy when praised; they hide it or pretend that it doesn’t exist. “The third word is magnificence because every soul of light is magnificent in his or her way. Power is simply acknowledging that you are worth it and you are an illuminated being of light. Lack of confidence is an imbalance of power. So, a true leader is all-powerful but does not intimidate or exercise control over others. He wields command for the benefit of all, seeing the whole picture and the individual. His perception is not at the expense of the individual. However, he sees the individual and the collective together, never ignoring the cry of one in the crowd.” “Since the higher energies of 2014 entered Planet Earth there have been huge dimensional shifts. There have been subtle changes in the inter-galactic vibrations that positively influence Planet Earth. The first indication is the unusual climatic changes in different parts of the world.” He said, “Aditi, most of the mountainous regions on earth have been activated in 2014. They are now emitting a new musical high-level frequency.” , “These frequencies are beyond the hearing ability of the human ear. I have earlier spoken to you about our spiritual organs; the spiritual ears can assist us. A new musical grid has been created around the earth.


For the last and final part in the Karmic City trilogy, author Hema Myer Sood concludes it in best possible way by explaining about the different levels of consciousness that individuals can attain and the ways and means to attain them. The author continues the conversation with the four protagonists and the Soul as was the case in the previous two parts. At the outset, author clarifies how Shiva is the one who destroys a person’s ego and guides for ultimate liberation while he is always misunderstood as the destroyer alone.

The first part is dedicated to explaining how time is nonlinear unlike what we all believe it to be and how individuals can understand this phenomenon to lead a life without abiding to the rules of time. The second part of the book explores about Lord Shiva starting from the descent of Ganga to Himalayas, the form of Lord Dakshinamurthy that is celebrated and worshipped as the form of Lord Shiva which represents knowledge. The book ends with the author touching upon the most important question that any spiritual seeker would want an answer for – Who Am I?

This part also follows the same format as the previous two as it is filled with lovely poems which encapsulate the wisdom that would have otherwise required a lot of prose to convey the same concepts. Like how the author explained the levels in consciousness in the previous two parts, it is obvious that not all of us are at the same level and hence our own understanding of this spiritual knowledge depends upon our current level of consciousness. Also, as with the previous parts, this book is also an absolute wonder to read and highly recommended to everyone embarking on their journey of spiritual enlightenment.


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