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Applying mehendi on hands and feets is one of the oldest tradition in India. We all women love to adorn our hands with striking designs out of Henna. Mehendi is considered a shagun (sign of good luck). 
The traditional patterns of mehendi have become more and more intricate and decorative with time. Now there are many types of mehendi patterns, most popular being the Arabic and Rajasthani designs. Each beautiful Mehendi Design has degrees of intricacy and can be made unique for the bride. These intricate design patterns are now quite popular among brides, worldwide. But where to find the best Hand Mehendi Designs ? Today I am introducing Ethnico which is a place where we  get the latest and most trendy mehendi designs and also other ethnic design inspirations! Ethnico hopes to foster with new design inspirations and daily ideas and to celebrate ethnic artists like Mehendi designers. So I think now this is become favourite online destination for all mehendi lovers where we can get the beautiful designs to celebrate occasions like weddings and festivals.

It is beleived that the darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride's hand represents the deep love between the would-be couple. So now we know Mehendi plays an important part in our life's celebrations and the awesome designs at Ethnico makes it more special for us.

Some of the top mehendi designs I liked at Ethnico are Arabic Mehendi Designs  because these unique and beautiful designs are from outside India but they are really popular and can be used for bridal mehendi including hand mehendi designs, wrist mehendi designs, even finger mehendi design and feet mehendi designs.

Arabic Foot Mehendi design 
Finger Mehendi Design
Wrist Mehendi Design
I loved all these as they look trendy and the floral touch to these designs make them more adorable.

Well, I too love applying mehendi and below is the mehendi made by me on Diwali. I checked this design online and tried to copy it :) Everyone appreciated me for this design. Now for any occasion I know where I need to head to get intricate mehendi designs. I am glad now we have an special app for mehendi lovers and artists.

Download Ethnico today and start discovering India through its designs everyday!

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