'Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors' Workshop at Asian Paints Store,CP

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On the occasion of ' World Interiors Day', Asian Paints Signature Store, Colour Store (Connaught Place) celebrated with an unique inspiring workshop on interiors for consumers on Friday. The theme for the workshop was 'Intelligent & Inspiration Interiors, from Silver Screens to our Home' conducted by Production Designer, Shruti Gupte of Aisha, Taare Zameen Par & Khoobsurat.

The Colour Store in CP was set up by Asian Paints with the aim of educating consumers and interior decor enthusiasts on colours and designs and how it can change their space. 

Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte have designed homes and interior spaces  in films like Aisha, Khoobsurat, Lunch Box and Taare Yameen Par and through examples of her films, she explained how she designed homes of characters in movies. She also gave us lots of tips on how consumers can use designs seen in movies to decorate their own homes.

In Taare Yameen Par movie, she created a set for Art Mela organised for kids, where she mostly used flowers to make an ambiance for fun for people.
In Aisha movie, she used simple colors which were re-saturated. There was no pop up colors. Leather couches, simple motifs, simple curtains and simple colours so that there is more focus on characters in the movie. To represent Sonam Kapoor's character in the film, she used Lavender color. She told us how she used similar paintings so that the house reflected Aisha's inner self in the movie and how house became another character.
She informed us how lights played an important role in designing spaces.Like how she used warm lights in the movie and never used white lights. How blue worked beautifully in daylight and night also.
The fabrics, textures, flowers and colors everything plays equally important role while designing spaces. For example, outside Aisha's bathroom, the designers put flowers and this is how layering makes spaces more beautiful.

Production Designer, Shruti Gupte said, "Our personal and professional environments are an extension of our personality and should inspire our days, help create memories or convey our aspirations. "

At the end of the activity, we bloggers were asked to create mood boards and we all enjoyed this DIY activity. I created my mood board using blue and green colors because blue is associated with sky and is a positive colour , green because its a color which is restful to eyes. These two colors reflects my mood all time.

This workshop at Asian Paints Color Stor , CP proved to be inspirational and experiential. Asian Paints Color Store allows us to realize our dreams before we choose to make it permanent. The brand is determined to encourage consumers to be experimental and creative with their decor choices in a fitting manner.

Do check out Asian Paints Colour Store in CP and if you are interested in learning more about designs for your home, you can attend their future events.

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