As the sun consistently rises and sets, you too must approach your goals with the same commitment and steadiness, every day, like nature, and contribute to the world by passionately living your purpose. Some days you may toil and sweat; other days you may carry a lighter load, finally basking peacefully in the fulfilment of your dreams. You make a contribution to life. You find yourself living in harmony with seasons, knowing your mission is right. The cycle of life continues, and you move into the cycle.
Are we setting goals and if yes are they right; what is the future of them? Explore the many questions with this teenage girl through the pages with her thoughts and the guidance from leaders which are best suited to guide the youth. Lubhna takes you through a journey starting with knowing yourself to the ultimate goal of life. Look through the perspective of what a teen thinks about purpose, programming, pleasure, peace and so on...
Dive into the world of contribution.
"Letters and emails from eminent personalities, guiding you towards significance of goals in life."


I am surprised to see how 16 year old student has written such an inspiring book for teenagers and not just for teenagers but for every person out there who is looking forward to achieve his/her goals. She has very-well written about the main need of setting a CLEAR GOAL to achieve success. She says we must  focus on what we become and not what we achieve in the process of achieving our goals.

She stresses on developing a moral fibre and continue to contribute to our growth. Living a goal-oriented life is very important. We must know that path that is meant for us and then we must become dedicated towards goals. She advice readers that challenges and obstacles will come in different forms, but if we have a goal in front of us, nothing can stop us. But we need a perfectly thought out aim.

Then she talks about IMPORTANCE OF DREAMING: Dreaming is one way to live the life we want.
She says youth is a wonderful time to be alive, to kill yourself working out of your comfort zone, to achieve your most dreams.She talks how we must learn from what experienced people has to say.

She also covers importance of overall well-being in achieving success. We must take proper nutrition and do regular exercises and the most important thing is to think positively. Author highlights the IMPORTANCE OF BEING A LEARNER: We must keep learning and expose ourselves to new experiences. Expand our mind through reading and travelling. She rightly said reading is the food of mind. It helps brain to make new connections, it also feeds our mind with new knowledge.

She very well writes about the ROLE OF PARENTS in developing a child, to encourage good behaviour and skills in them. It is very important to keep the children in positive environment.

In this book, every chapter teaches us something great or I would say every line of every page teaches us most valuable things for our life. She covers every aspect to achieve our goal. Author has also shared letters and emails which she received from prominent personalities. She has even shared some of the inspiring stories and speeches by great people to motivate readers to work towards their personal growth and development. Her efforts in writing this book are commendable.

I would highly suggest this book to all the readers and I am sure you will gain knowledge.

Lubhna Dongre is a 16 year old girl who wants to become an IAS officer. I don't know much about her but after reading her book I can say she is a girl who is hungry for knowledge and betterment. She seems concerned about the teenagers and this is the reason why she wrote this book to inspire many people. I wish her all the very best and I am sure she will achieve her goals.

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