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If you do not want to change, then drop this book. If you are happy with your unhappiness then this is not the book for you. Living hopelessly in misery is addictive and habit forming. And you may want to continue to live as a failure, having accepted defeat in your personal and professional life. But since you have picked up this book (or if you are book surfing) let me tell you that this book reveals simple but self-empowering ways to become the master of your own destiny. There are some secret spiritual laws of nature that govern this universe and our life on the planet. This book introduces you to one such law. The Secret Law of Blessing. Once you align yourself with the law of Blessing, you have the power of invoking the blessings of those whose lives you touch. And..Healing yourself by blessing those in return who touch your heart. There is immense power in receiving and giving blessings. The Secret Law of Blessing helps you to be reborn as a new person so that you can celebrate life, experience ecstasy and enjoy the abundance of success.


This morning I finished reading this book- The Secret Law of Blessing and I found that this book has  the most life-changing insights which accelerated my understanding of importance of blessings in my life. This book is what I really needed and after reading it, I was excited to see the world around me differently. This book aims to impart the reader with the wisdom and knowledge of the blessings. Author says that we live in an interactive universe which is governed by some secret laws. THE SECRET OF BLESSING work through prayer. He focus on the importance of love, faith, prayerfulness to light up our life. He also talks about healing our inner self and celebrating life every moment. It was really interesting to read chapter on 'Dance your way into God's Heart' and I was surprised to know that dancing also heals the mind. The art of dancing is the greatest blessing bestowed by God on humanity. I also found some other significant truths about blessing that I have never really thought about. Some of them are mind blowing and author make me think about the aspects of the life and the number of blessings we have, which I have never considered before. I liked Author's thought  how education can become a blessing. All that needed in our education is to be taught to go inwards. A child who learns to go inwards can never be controlled by the negative forces and emotion.

"Prayer is the release of energy from our heart; blessing is the release of energy from the universal heart."

Author Karan seems concerned about people and it is his attempt to steer people out of their problems, to put people back in touch with their consciousness so they can connect with the universal consciousness. Author highlights the importance of doing selfless deeds as they can help us in eradicating our past karmas. A lot of good deeds will help us awaken to the LAW OF BLESSING within our own life.


  • To asses myself at the end of each day, by asking some questions. 
  • To align myself with the LAW OF BLESSING. 
  • To always remember one Mantra: 'Mind divides, Heart Unites.' We can do away with the boundaries in our heart by truly start believing that all is 'one' and that we are all drops in a boundless ocean, not separate from it.
  • I have learnt the importance of making an approach towards a compassionate, collective and collaborative life. 
  • Loosening my grip on attachment and looking at the world from 'today'.
  • I have learnt that it is so important to love our body and keep it happy.
  • I have learnt to be more charitable.
  • The art of blessing others will bring back a lot of blessings and change our destiny.
  • The power of curses and how we should never hurt anyone.
  • How I must live consciously.
Author has also given the scientific understanding of the Secret Law of Blessing and how does it work.
" Blessings are a release of the cosmic (divine) energy, in response to our prayers. Blessings help manifest our dreams into reality" 
I would like to say that Blessing isn't really a big treasure that no ones knows. People do know it. But they don't seem to be able to realise it and I think this is why Author Karan has made out that it is a secret. I took this book to heart and learned a lot from it. I believe in the law of blessing now and I know from my own life that secret law of blessings work all the time, so I do believe them. The attractiveness to the book is almost magical and spectacular in regards to how it connects to the reader. You will discover something incredible about yourself and your life and purpose of life.

I found the style of narrative really good and the examples used were powerful too. Story of Ramprasad changed my thinking towards God. Watching  the old people and doing play acting can change our attitude towards old people changed. The elderly are closer to God than we are in our youth. They are god-life and their blessings can change our life. Reading this book was a true bliss.

"You can learn more about life from the elderly in a day than you can learn on your own in a year "

Definitely worth a read. This book is life changing and completely amazing! I would suggest it to everyone I know, and who they know, I am really grateful for this book and to the author. I assure you you are going to love this book. The Law of Blessing has the power to propel you with limitless energy towards the fullest life. Read this book and watch the miracle of the Law of Blessing unfold before your very eyes.


Karan Razdan has been practising Buddhism for thirteen years. He has read Osho extensively. He has also been inspired by the writings of Maharishi Ramanna and Swami Vivekananda. He has been writing and directing movies in India and producing television shows. Author of the book "Tantra and the Tantrika"


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