The world is more connected than ever before. When pondering the future of your business, you may be looking at international expansion and through modern technology, any metropolis in the world is only a Skype call or e mail away.

This new sense of closeness brings new challenges as global businesses struggle to communicate effectively with each other. Each organization is influenced by the region it calls home, a business in Japan does things quite differently from one based in France. Workplace culture helps create a united front, but it can lead to unwanted tension and conflict.

This new guide to international business culture can help you avoid misunderstandings during negotiations and other important talks. Author and businessman Ashraf Haggag discusses a number of important issues, including:

  • the definition of culture as a driving force in business,
  • the unique cultures of a variety of countries and global regions,
  • the ways culture directs business negotiations,
  • the influence of culture on business strategy,
  • the effect of culture on business communications, and
  • the role culture plays in consumer buying behavior.

Understanding the ideological foundation of an organization will help you better prepare for negotiations and accommodate its unique corporate environment with enhanced insight.


I absolutely enjoyed reading Echos of Culture by Author Ashraf. It was a great experience to read and know about cultures of so many countries in one book, just sitting at my place. Not just different cultures, the book also tells us the influence of culture on business negotiations. International business negotiations are not only cross borders, they are also cross culturals. No doubt, culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate and behave. Author has very well tried to explain the culture of every country by talking about each country's- Work Etiquette, Patriotism, Punctuality, Culture, Art & Architecture, Literature , Effect of every Culture on the persona and traits, Personality. Author has also written about the perception of others about these culture of different countries.

 Reading this book, helped me in knowing about so many important things about many countries which I was not aware of earlier. I found it interesting to know more about Turkish people. Hospitality is one of the keystones of the Turkish way of life. Turkish people are the most gracious and generous hosts as a result of their natural instincts. The mentality of that hospitality is 
"Whatever religion you practice, whichever country you come from, whatever language yo speak, you are God's guest, so you deserve to be welcomed in the best manner".

Author talks about the elements of corporate culture; vision or mission, values , as company values are the core of its culture, practices, people. In the book, we get to read about the role of culture in corporate environment. Companies from different countries are managed based on distinct values, beliefs and priorities. Culture directly influences management, specific characteristics and forms affecting actions.

The book tells us how the success of an organisation is closely related to its capacity for reading, analysing and answering the cultural particularities of the region in which it acts. Culture has an impact on many dimensions of management activity, such as marketing, production, people, and finance and accounting. In the marketing area, culture influences the tastes, preferences and customs of the consumer. This requires the company to adjust its advertising policies, promotions, product developments, location, and pricing to the cultural specifications of the local community.

I am highly impressed by the research Author Ashraf has done for writing such an amazing piece of work.I would highly recommend this book to everyone and I am sure this book will be praised by all readers.


Ashraf Haggag is a senior executive with nearly three decades of experience in close proximity to the corporate market. His more recent experience has also taken him to every facet of the hospitality industry.  
Haggag has direct experience in many different aspects of business, including sales, marketing, revenue management, and administration. Having worked in Germany, the United States, Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, his global experiences have helped him realize that companies must target new market zones in order to grow and prosper in the international marketplace. He is eager to bring enhanced cross-cultural awareness to today’s business leaders.  You can follow him on Goodreads here : Ashraf Haggag
Do check his website here: Ashraf Haggag


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