On the 28th February, 2018 the General Nutrition Centre announced it’s vision of expanding it’s horizons in the Indian market. GNC already has a strong base in over 9000 international locations in 50 countries, globally. GNC is a rapidly growing, multi-Billion dollar brand that produces  nutrition, health and wellness products. They recently conducted an event in Delhi on the 28th of February, 2018. The event was mainly to launch their latest campaign and their plans of expanding their prospects in Indian market. GNC would be present in more than 4000 stores in all the major metro cities and Tier 1 towns of India by the end of 2020.

The campaign is called Filling the Gaps! The campaign aims to create awareness about a balanced, nutritious diet and the daily requirement of various nutrients by your body. GNC helps consumers by providing them with reliable solutions through their wide range of Vitamins, Proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids, Carbohydrates, probiotics and other Supplement Offerings.
The event witnessed the presence of many dignitaries like under 19 cricket sensation Manjot Kalra, chief dietician from Apollo hospital Ms. Anita and eminent cardiologist Dr Mukesh Goel and Mr Shadb Khan, the CEO of GNC India.

The speakers at the event explained how we often miss out on consuming a good diet that contains all the vital nutrients needed by your body on daily basis. This gap in the nutrition required by your body and what your diet can supply needs to be bridged in order to keep your system healthy and avoid nutritional deficiencies.This campaign would aid people adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle by compensating the nutritional deficit.

#Fillingthegaps of nutrients that occur due to unhealthy eating habits, hectic lifestyles, following weight loss fads, adopting Veganism, poor soil quality, long travel times etc is really important, as explained by the nutritional and healthcare experts at the event.

Guardian Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd, owned by Mr Ashutosh Taparia. Guardian healthcare is an exclusive importer and reseller of GNC products in India right now in India. At present, GNC nutritional supplements such as Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins etc are available at Guardian pharmacy as well as other pharmaceutical stores and online shopping sites, too. GNC through its campaign aims at propagating the scientific approach towards filling the basic nutritional requirements of the body.


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