TITLE: And So Can You
AUTHOR: Dr. Roopleen

 17 inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges, braved obstacles, and made it through because they believed they had a dream to fulfil and a mission to accomplish.
The stories behind the lives of these successful doctors. The journeys they embarked on, the guiding factors that drove them along the long, arduous journey.
What motivated them to work hard and how they made it despite facing numerous challenges. These are the stories of dedication and perseverance, of self-belief and faith, of hard work and commitment.
The book unravels the secrets--why these doctors are where they are today, and how they succeeded in accomplishing their life goals.

"Hard Work is the only prescription to help you achieve success " 
I read the book And So Can You by Author Roopleen and I am so so happy that I read this book , and that too when I much needed motivation to work hard in my life. In this book Dr. Roopleen shares the success stories of 17 doctors and these stories will inspire all medical students and other readers. These stories talks about the background of these doctors,  about their inspiration to become doctors, their hard work, their failures and then their success. 

Each chapter or every story is named with the special personality trait that each doctor possess. We get to read what has gone into the making of these finest doctors. Ofcourse it wasn't easy for them to carve a niche for themselves in this competitive world because their roads to success were paved with hardships and doctor's  profession is considered as one of the sacred professions and they have the biggest responsibility to save lives of people. Their jobs are immensely straining jobs. These 17 doctors had no role-models to look upto and not much resources, but they never indulged in self-pity, rather they were tough-minded, they focused on bettering themselves every day and they were determined to press forward until they accomplished their goals. They made tough decisions that shaped their lives.

There are some common key traits in all these doctors which have helped them to achieve success and secure a place in their patient's heart. Here I would like to share those key traits:
  • Even after having accomplished so much, they remain humble and grounded. They never let fame go to their head.
  • They all learnt to view failure as an equally important teacher as success. They have lived 
  • They all tried to keep them in a positive frame of mind and all the doctors worked towards their goal with their heart and soul and with infinite patience with patients.
  • Hardships haven't made them bitter; they have only brought out the best of them.
  • They had burning desire to enhance their professional skills which kept them going.
  • They all believed that passion for work is the quintessential trait for practising medicine.
  • They believed money can never be primary goal or the driving force in their profession but their aim is to deliver the best treatment to their patients. They believe in meaningful success and not material success.
"In times of self-doubt, reflect on your journey this far. Remind yourself of the difficulties and setbacks you faced and how you came out stronger. That will provide you the inner strength to go on." 

Author has really interviewed these doctors very well by asking the pertinent questions. When asked what are their rewards in a profession? One of the doctors beautifully answers the question~
"You are emotionally rewarded each time you treat a patient well. This is positive reinforcement. It gives inner strength and stability you will require ."

After every success story, there is advice given by these doctors to young and aspiring doctors.  There are takeaway--words of wisdom at the end of every story and these words of wisdom are really helpful for all readers. 

Reading this book fully charged me with motivation to work towards my goals with renewed passion. I got to learn lot of important things from the stories of these successful doctors. This book will inspire many to walk the path of determination and hard work. Their stories of hard work, sacrifice and dedication make us believe that  if they can achieve and so can we!

" Whenever I have a doubt, or feel sad, I look at people around me who have been less fortunate than I have been. That immediately calms me down ".

Dr. Roopleen is a motivational counselor, speaker, blogger, life enthusiast, super-specialist eye surgeon, and author of four books. She has also contributed to six anthologies. Rooplean is a voracious reader and a prolific writer. She believes in writing with a purpose and inspirational writing is her forte. She writes extensively in the self-help genre.
Roopleen believes in making the best of what life gives her. Success to her is daring to live a full life by answering one's calling, following one's heart and chasing one's dreams. Anything less is a life half lived.


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