Neil had many questions related to his life. Having suffered a total eclipse of the heart, dumped by Arya, he had nowhere to go. He was completely shattered. Till one fine day, when his friend Gauri, who had a crush on Neil ever since her childhood, comes into his life and they begin their journey of love, romance, fantasy and fairy tales.
Not for long, as their world comes crashing with a tragic, life-turning event. This is a heart-wrenching romance thriller that is bound to move you and hit your soul as you take a plunge and get Lost in Love.

Lost in love is a beautiful love story of Neil and Gauri. Neil falls in love with Arya but she dumps him. This leaves Neil heartbroken as he truly loved Arya. Then one day he meets Gauri who secretly loved him from last 7 years. They become good friends and then they fall in love with each other. Neil is not able to give much time to Gauri and this hurts her a lot. One day Gauri goes missing and police suspects Neil for this. Itishree who is Gauri's best friends plays an important role in this story. They share a beautiful bond of true friendship and they are just like real sisters who loved each other so much! When Gauri goes missing and everyone thinks that she is kidnapped, Neil and Itishree are the one who are most affected by her disappearance. Will they be able to find Gauri or not, you'll have to grab this novel.

The language used by Author is simple and easy to understand. I found the book cover really attractive and the title apt.  The book is fast paced and can be read quickly in one go. I absolutely loved reading this book. I have read other two books by author Arvind Parashar and I am impressed by all three unique stories. I would highly recommend this book to all romance lovers.

I would like to give it 5/5


Arvind Parashar is a bestselling author of two books, and a well-known motivational speaker


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