TITLE: Tenth Avatar: A Quest For Answers
AUTHOR: Dr. Kanchan Joshi
PAGES: 246 Pages
GENRE: Science-Fiction

A brave prince from ancient times, who is also an accomplished yogi with super human powers. A genius mathematician struggling to unlock the secret workings of the universe. The two, separated by thousands of years in time, work together to make humans realize the true nature of the world and the real potential of their lives--guiding them toward the next evolutionary step.
Welcome to a world where the astonishing magic of ancient times and cutting edge research in physics and mathematics meet to explore spirituality.


Reading and knowing about Mythology is itself sacred. Picking up one event or topic is easy for any writer. But taking many threads from both fact and fiction to intertwine them successfully and create a beautiful tapestry is a master’s work! And it was worth every moment of my time spent reading, this book is the perfect example of uniting mythology with Science/Mathematics.

Although Ramayan is incomplete without Hanuman, most of the facts about him is lesser known to the people. But you will be fascinated to read his stories in this book. In parallel to Hanuman's story, Krishnanujam the renowned mathematician working at California University is into some deep works, which will help one to understand about the universe. But his life is in danger as it attracts evil people. The best part of the book was the war episodes, it gave some goosebumps while reading. Krish and Prisha's love equation could have been better, but once you think about the bigger picture that goes negligible.

The author has done a commendable job in bringing today's youth closer to our roots by giving a scientific platform to our revered ancient history through his books. The story holds your attention just like a sci- fi thriller flick and keeps one spell bound by whirlwind intertwined plots. Altogether, Tenth Avatar is a perfect blend of fact and fiction. The author has written the story flawlessly, with lots of action and suspense, but the ending leaves you hanging with lots of questions in your mind. This book offers everything you want to read so I recommend this book for people who are looking for a decent thriller with mythological/science/history and what not!


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